My poor little baby!!! :(

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My poor little baby!!! :(

Hi ladies

Well I have a saga for you!

Simon felt a little warm on Thursday evening so I took his temp. 39.2! I called my dr's office as they have a 24 hour line for help and was told it was probably viral, give him tylenol to keep temp below 38 and monitor for other symptoms, otherwise nothing to do.

Thursday night was pretty bad. Simon wouldnt eat or sleep much, but generally was in an ok mood. By Friday morning he was pretty grumpy and NOT eating pretty much at all. We could get him to take some little sips from a cup but thats about it. We brought him to our dr's office where we had to see someone else as she wasnt there. He had a fever of 40.2 and we were told he had a left ear infection and that it was probably uncomfortable to swallow and therefore he wasnt eating. We were given antibiotics and told to just give him whatever fluids he would take and watch for dehydration.

This is where things get really bad. He was eating zero, and I mean zero. He would cry at the breast and refuse all forms of liquid. For some reason he ate some bread though but that's it. I called the 24 hour line again for advice on dehydration. Was told that as long as he has 1 wet diaper in 8 hours, has saliva and tears, he is fine. He was doing all this so we were plugging along.

Come the middle of the night he was inconsolable. Just screaming like I've never heard him before. I was crying too having no clue what is wrong with my poor little baby. We finally packed him up at around 2am and headed to the ER.

After 8 hours there, we find out......NO EAR INFECTION!!! He has ulcers ALLLLLL over his throat and can barely swallow because the pain is soooooooo bad! :(:(:( (Im calling to complain on Monday about the stupid nurse practitioner who missed those sooo obvious ulcers, the NP at the ER showed me and there is NO WAY you could miss if you actually took a good look.).

So now he is on codeine for pain and has eaten a bit better since. Taking from a cup and even at the breast a few times.

He's so exhausted though, plus the codeine that he's been sleeping tons. I've woken him up a few times and he stays awake if kept upright but as soon as you lie him down he's asleep. Sad Poor little guy is soooooo tuckered!!!

Now Im paranoid again that he's not eating enough because he's exhausted! I'm going to ease up on the codeine to see if that makes him a little more awake but with pain in control! He has been peeing more already though so that's good.

What a night! Sad Please send get better soon vibes to my little man!!!!

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Prayers that Simon feels better VERY soon!!!((HUGS))

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OMG!!! poor little guy:( I would be sooo upset about them missing that!!! i hope he gets better soon :bighug: if you are worried about dehydration can you try suppositories?

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Oh no! Poor little guy. Sad I just can't believe that the NP missed something so obvious. Any idea where the ulcers came from?

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Oh no, poor little baby! It is so hard seeing them sick, and not knowing how to make it better. I hope he feels better very soon.

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Oh my!! Poor guy! What are the ulcers from? I hope he recovers soon and I would so let that nurse have it... Could of saved you a good day if they did their jobs correctly..

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Poor guy. I hope his mouth/throat heals quickly and that he feels better soon. I know you are paranoid about him not eating enough but his body likely needs the extra sleep to help itself heal. He will also likely be ok with less calories for a little while since he is sleeping more. Did they tell you to do anything for the ulcers or will they just clear on their own?

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They say it's a virus. Sort of like cold sores (herpes like) so just time it will heal. He's been sleeping TONS!! I've had to wake him for meds then he just falls back asleep. He's been peeing ok though so I guess he's getting enough to at least stay not dehydrated.

Thanks for all your well wishes! I hope he gets better very very soon too!

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:bigarmhug: Oh, how awful for the poor little guy. I hope the ulcers clear up quickly.

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Get Well Soon Simon!! How awful for the both of you. That nurse NEEDS a piece of your mind (or three!) :bighug:

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Aw poor little man! That's just straight up ineptitude on the part of that nurse.

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Sad How awful!! I hope he gets well quickly! BIG HUGS

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Oh, poor little guy, and poor mom. It's so hard seeing them suffer. I hope they heal up quickly.

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poor thing, that has to be terrible!!! I hope he feels well very very soon.