My Practice Cupcakes!

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My Practice Cupcakes!

OK, you're probably thinking who the heck needs to practice cupcakes. This mama, that's who. I'll let you in on a little secret ... I haven't baked cupcakes since like 4th grade. I've never piped anything onto anything. I tinted buttercream frosting once. That's the closest I've ever come. Any who, here's what I came up with. The pics are a little blurry because DH screwed with the settings on our camera such that the thing does not work in my hands.

I did three flavors of cupcake. Double Chocolate (chocolate with chocolate chips), Key Lime, and Carrot Cake. The frosting is white chocolate cream cheese. All from scratch. All with all the organic ingredients I could find. I figure it makes up for the food coloring and the fact that I do not know what 'edible glitter' is made of. I tried different tips on my piping bags but they all came out pretty much the same. I might go out and get a different tip if I have time. The green came out a tad more 'neon' than I wanted but I didn't want to waste more of my coloring gel. You can see the papers I'm going to use in the final batch in the pic on the right. I purchased the cupcake toppers on Etsy. You'll have to wait until I post party pics to see the rest ;).

Oh, and here's the cakes without the wrappers so you can see the awesome goodness that's inside. Smile

So, apparently I make dank cupcakes. I'm not the first person with microbiology training to discover they have random wicked baking skillz. I'm not bragging. Or maybe I am. DH has eaten 6 of them today.

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I think they look awesome! Sound pretty yummy too!

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They look great. I'm on a cupcake mission today too-carrot cakes Smile

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i think you need to send some here so I can tell you if they are good or not:-) Really they look great

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They look yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did great!

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They look great!! I would have needed to practice too, or maybe i would have just wanted to eat some;)

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They look fantastic! Can't wait to see the final birthday pictures.

Wish I could eat those cupcakes myself too. Wink

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Yum, they look delicious and the icing colors look really pretty with the cake toppers! Very cute!

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Those look downright professional! Great job!! I have some pretty decent baking skills here, but for some reason anytime I try cupcakes they never really turn out very good. I think those look awesome.

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Great job!! Those look very good. Great icing skills also.

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They look yummy and are simply cute. I'm hoping to make some in that style.

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They are cute. I love Cream cheese frosting.. I am using that for Natalies cupcakes also! I think you did an awesome job for being a 1-2nd timer!

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Erin, these look amazing! I think the green is the perfect shade. It adds a little "pop" to the color scheme. I also think the consistency and design of the green frosting is the best.

I can't wait to see the party pics!

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They look freakin yummy to me!!!