My son is HUGE! XP

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My son is HUGE! XP

At her 4 month appointment, Lyla was:
16lbs 10oz, 25 3/4inches long, 17in head

Kole is almost the same size now that Lyla was at her 9month appointment. Kole is:

20lbs, 27 1/2inches long, and a 17 3/4inch head! Wow.

The pediatrician said she doesn't really worry about weight in a breast-fed baby as long as their growth is relatively proportional and she diagnosed him as perfect. He is in the 97th percentile.

I remember thinking that Lyla was a big baby, but this one totally has her beat. He was not a fan of his shots, but is sleeping now. I hope he does well the rest of the day.

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Oh my goodness, what a healthy boy you're growing! Biggrin Go, Kole!

I think Adair was 20 pounds at 6 months...I remember that's when the ring sling started to become a real problem for me.

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Chubby boy. That is so sweet. Sounds like his check up went well though, hope he stays in a good mood.

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love it!! i bet he could share clothes with Lucas right now Biggrin

glad he had a good appt

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You must have some great boob juice. Biggrin he sounds perfect to me though - well proportioned!

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my eldest was nearly 1 before he got to 20lbs but he's always been thin. I think Tobey was about 8/9 months. Big babies are lovely Smile

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Wow, WTG Kole!

DS1 was nice & round like that. Odin was so skinny & didn't hit that weight till 1 or so. Can't wait to see Archer's size this week at his 4 month! He is somewhere between the other 2.

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Good Job growing Kole! Smile

Olivia didn't reach 20lbs until she was 1! DS reached 20 around 9 months I think.

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Both my girls were over 1 yr before they hit 20 lbs! It is amazing to see how they all grow differently. You must be making some good milk! Well done, mama! And way to grow, Kole!

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Yay for perfect! Sounds like he is doing great!

That's funny about how different they are. Lily wasn't 20 lbs until she was over 1 yr. I remember thinking it was forever until she weighed enough for me to turn her carseat around. I think Lucas hit 20 lbs at 11 months or so.

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Its your awesome boob juice! T hit 20 lbs at about 3-3.5 months but she wasn't nearly that tall!