Naked Time

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Naked Time

I've been thinking lately about, "when do you need to stop changing/showering where your LO of the opposite sex can see?" To get to our master bath, you have to go through our bedroom, it's just right outside the bedroom. I always have the door open while showering and dress in the bedroom. Sometimes DS is in their with daddy. Sometimes he stares, sometimes he doesn't even know I'm there. I was just wondering what you ladies think about that situation and how you are or plan on handling it.

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I would say like 3 maybe or at least when they realize what they are seeing.. I still take a shower with my son who will be 4 in March. He never says anything really.

ha.. but the other day I got out of the shower and my son was peeing, and I was on my af, so I had a tampon in and my son saw the string.. He kept going mom, string in your butt. Why string in your butt. OMG it was so funny. I was like no theres not.. Thats not a string.. LOL!

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"laurensmitty1982" wrote:

ha.. but the other day I got out of the shower and my son was peeing, and I was on my af, so I had a tampon in and my son saw the string.. He kept going mom, string in your butt. Why string in your butt. OMG it was so funny. I was like no theres not.. Thats not a string.. LOL!

ROFL too funny!!!

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I think when the child starts to become uncomfortable with it. DS1 thinks nakedness is still perfectly normal and he's nearly 3.5. And I'm always followed to the bathroom no matter what time of the month it is and he doesn't even ask questions about AF any more. He just thinks I wear nappies some times and I've "got a porlie bum" lol

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We've got 2 DDs, and they both see me when I get out of the shower sometimes. DD1 is 4 (will be 5 in June). We are working on privacy with her, but she doesn't think anything of it. DD2 (16 months) has no idea.

DH was never wild about either of them being around when he's getting in or out of the shower so matter how young they were/are, but absolutely put his foot down when DD1 started noticing things and asking questions (probably around 2-2 1/2). She is a bit of a pest though (I say that with love!) and it is hard to get rid of her when I'm in the bathroom, or when either DH or I are showering/getting ready for the day.

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i guess i am the odd one out here. i don't think there is anything wrong with the body, or nakedness, but Lucas pretty much never sees either of us naked. I think once they start asking or if either of you feel uncomfortable then it might be time.

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DS is 3 and a half and he sits in the bathroom and talks to me while I'm going to the bathroom or taking a shower (he doesn't seem to have the ability to shut up....EVER!). I think it will just be a natural progression for him. He'll eventually get bored being in the bathroom with me and then it'll just sort of stop (that will happen eventually RIGHT?!). DH is very conscious about not being naked, he's from a family of 10 kids with only one bathroom so I really have no idea where he got that from Smile I however am constantly running through the house with barely any clothes on or naked looking for something to wear so my kids will just have to get used to it. I guess when Grady starts telling me not to do it I'll try to cover up more Wink

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I'm not sure at what age we'll be more careful about nudity. We haven't reached it yet. DH's family is practically a bunch of nudists. Seriously, I've seen most of them nude. Yeah, its weird. So, it'll probably be me who eventually has to tell DH to put his junk away in front of Teagan.

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Lauren you have me cracking up over here!!! ROFL

I'm really not all that big into clothes when we're home alone and all the windows and doors are covered closed. I tend to shower, get out and dry off, and get distracted before I think about wearing clothes. Drives my husband nuts because it's very big into people should be wearing clothes at all times and doesn't get how I can forget to get dressed. lol. I let DS run around in nothing but a diaper if it's warm enough. I let him run around butt naked in our last backyard on base a couple of times, which DH had huge issues with. :roll: I don't think naked bodies are that big of a deal and I won't worry about what DS sees unless he has an issue with it. Or if DH complains enough that I wear more clothes just to shut him up. Blum 3

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I'm not sure when that will be an issue at our house. DS1 is 6.5 years old already and often sees both DH and I without clothes or in the shower/bathroom area and also wakes around nakes himself around shower time. He isn't uncomfortable with it and we aren't either. He knows all the body parts and functions and was going to be present for our last birth so really we are pretty open with the the naked body with him. I'm sure in the next few years, once he gets closer to puberty, he will start getting more shy about those type of things and we will fully respect his privacy and his need for privacy.

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Hmmm good question! I definitely dont care now if Simon see's me or DH naked. He always follows me to the bathroom , or watches me shower, or dress. Whenever he see's me topless he wants to BF though. LOL! I asked DH about this and he said that Simon will actually point to his privates (DH's, not his own) when he see's him naked, and he just sort of covers up and doesnt say anything. I said, just tell him what he's pointing at! Either peepee or penis, whatever. I think it's natural for kids to notice these things and there's nothing wrong with it.
I'm not sure when I think we should stop though. I guess it will depend on how he reacts to seeing us naked. I'm sure it will be after age 3ish though.

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This is a great thread Blum 3 DF always asks me if I used to live in a nudist colony. I don't know what my deal is; but I just don't seem to ever get fully dressed. I get out of the shower and I can end up being naked for hours after; with or without the girls here. I mean, most of the time our windows are closed, so it's not like anyone else can see... DF keeps himself pretty covered up; but does shower w Sophie because she's so young; but he won't even let Brooke into the bathroom if he's in the shower... I think it's over the top behaviour from him; but whatever. I don't see anything wrong w naked bodies and we're all girls here anyway - LOL.

To touch on the tampon story; Brooke just recently saw my string the other day and questioned it infront of both DF and I; he was all like "Great job Stacy; see why shouldn't be walking around naked blah blah blah... Now you HAVE to tell her." So I just looked at her and explained that when you get to be my age once a month you bleed from there. She looked at me and said "Oh mommy, I'm so sorry, but I'm glad I'm not big like you!" She's over it. I don't think I messed her up too badly... at least not yet Blum 3

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