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How many naps does your toddler take now, and how long are they?

I feel like my DD had given up her 2nd nap by about 15 months or so, but Lucas is showing no signs of being ready to give up his. If he doesn't nap 2x a day for at least 1 1/2 - 2 hrs he is sooooo cranky! I'm just wondering what the norm is now for this age? He also sleeps a good 10 or 11 hrs straight at night too.

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Ronin has between 1 and 2 hours around lunch time. He doesn't sleep through at night, I'm lucky if I get 4 hour stretches.

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Simon generally has 1 nap around 1.5 hours, 3 hours max when I'm lucky! Lol He sleeps about 12 hours at night, generally straight through, maybe wakes once. He is usually up around 7-730 and is down for his nap no later than 1030. I dont know why he naps so soon after getting up, but then he's usually up for the rest of the day, sometimes will take 30 minute nap before supper.

He actually naps better now than he ever did.

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Teagan has been down to 1 nap since she moved up to the 1 year old room at daycare. She was ready and it worked well. She typically naps from 12:30 to 2:30 or 3:00. She sleeps about 8pm-7am. I'm not going to jinx myself and say anything about how many times she does or *doesn't* wake up at night. At home she usually naps less and fights me like no other. I was starting to wonder if she were trying to give up napping entirely but she's definitely not ready for that. (nor am I!)

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One nap at lunch usually for a couple of hours and sleeps about 12 hours at night. He stopped with 2 naps around 10 months.

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Aiden is down to one nap. He was taking two 40 minute naps most days (useless!), so I forced him to one nap back in December. It was rough for 2-3 days and then he did very well with it. He naps better than ever now! Most days he'll nap for 2-3 hours! When he goes down varies. Some days he's down at 12:30 and other days it's as late as 4pm. Since most of the time it doesn't matter to me, I just follow his cues. I'm sure he'll be a bit more consistent as he gets more used to this new house and things here. Smile
Aiden sleeps 10-11 hours at night. Usually straight through.

A bunch of moms on my military wife forum said their kids didn't switch to one nap till between 18 and 24 months!

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Odin has been doing one nap since about maybe 8 months. I don't think he was totally ready for it but it just happened since that is how our day goes. He usually sleeps from 2-3 hours and goes down about 12:30. His night sleep is between 10-12 hours as well.

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he started doing 1 nap around a year. usually mid day he goes down for 2-3 hours. He generally sleeps about 10-11 hours at night

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I can't even remember when Isabelle switched to one nap but its been quite a while. Naptime is anywhere between 1:30-3:00. She sleeps for 2-3 hours and then 10-11 hours at night. I don't know how easy she goes down for my DH during the week, but she really fights me on the weekends. She usually ends up skipping her nap on Saturdays because we are usually out of the house until 4-5pm and by then it is too late to get her to go down and still have to go to bed at 8:30pm. Sundays, I make her take a nap, but she fights me on it.