Natalies 6mth checkup and pics..

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Natalies 6mth checkup and pics..

Today was her 6mth checkup because her 4mth checkup was late so I had to make this one late too.

Her fever is gone so must of been something she was fighting. She is now 16lbs even and I cant remember what they said her height was. Her head is 16 1/2 inches (remember that tho).. He said she is looking good, and if she refuses babyfood (which she has been lately) I can give her really soft foods to pick up herself to eat. Im torn on that because I did that with ds and the control I had was gone because after awhile he stopped wanting babyfood at all.. I think Im feeding her at the wrong times maybe..?? She got her vaccines and she cried..:( but is sleeping now.. So all is well!

Here are her comparison pics. I did these around her 6mth date but just waited to post them with this thread..




4th, 5th and 6th month!

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Aw! She's getting so big! How many of those outfits do you have?! I wish I'd thought ahead to do something like that. Maybe for number 2. Her expression in the first one makes her look a lot like your DS from the pics I've seen of him. It seems to me that refusing "baby food" is really common. She'll come around.

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I have 2 of the outfits. One is 0-6 and the other one is 6-12. This pic is the smaller size so next pic I will get the bigger one out.. It really is meant to be a halloween costume that I got from Childrens place on clearance.

The baby food thing is driving me crazy.. I hope so..

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I love your comparison pics! Smile

Maybe she just wants to feed herself? :shrug:

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Aww she's getting so big. I love the pics you do in that outfit Smile

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Great stats!! Biggrin Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Natalie!! Biggrin I love your pics of her!! She's so beautiful!

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She's so cute! I also love the monthly pictures, wish I had done them too. Biggrin

I am also not sure what we are doing with baby food, you're not the only confused one out there LOL!

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Shes so cute. I love the pictures. She looks like shes getting really tall.

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She's so cute! I love seeing her comparison pics!

I wish I had done that w/ Lucas. I did w/ my DD, but got lazy w/ him.

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I too love your comparison pics! She is getting so tall.
I'm glad the fevers are gone. I haven't even gotten a sec. to starts solids so we are on the same boat of not a clue what we are doing with baby food.

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Look at her....BIG GIRL! Soooooooo cute.....