Natalie's different hair styles!

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Natalie's different hair styles!

First it was dark and thick

Then it started to turn red

Then she started to lose it..

And now its turning blond and totally thin..

Im kinda sad that she lost her hair. She just cant make up her mind..

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That's almost exactly what Teagan's has done. Only she's always had much less hair. Don't be sad! Her true self is shining through! She was just messing with you these past few months ;).

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She really had alot when she was born!!! crazy

Delaney's is really light and not much at all either. I'm guessing she'll be like Miranda and have hardly any hair til' after her 1st birthday. Even a year ago Miranda didn't have much....

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That's crazy! DS just has peach fuzz. Always has. lol.

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wow she had a lot!

i was just thinking about this tonight. lucas was born with hair all around the sides like an old man:p then it all fell out and he was practically bald. now you can see it all starting to grow in again

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Hehehehe... she's seeing if there's any truth to blondes have more fun Blum 3

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Just like a girl, always changing her hairstyle Wink

Luke has had 1 hairstyle since he was born - bald! Actually, he does have a little peach fuzz, and it's so blonde it's almost white.

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Wow, that is some serious hair change! She had so much hair at birth!
We have some blond peach fuzz here too.

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Stacy! Wouldnt that be so funny if she actually stuck with blond hair for awhile.. My dh nor me have ever had blond hair but most of my mother side has blond hair or did and then it changed later in life..There would be the four of us with brown hair and then her with blond..

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Awwe, She is so CUTE!!!:0)

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wow, she had so much hair! I'm used to baldies Lol

Tobey's hair has just started growing, a bit of ginger fuzz. He's totally going to be ginger Biggrin