need some Ideas for mesh feeder

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need some Ideas for mesh feeder

All my other boys were so into eating anything and Hayden is not. So I purchased a mesh feeder but I need some ideas for what to put in it. We have no history of food allergies so he can eat pretty much anything!! Thanks Ladies.

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My little buddy likes:

Real Fruit Freezies
Frozen Breastmilk
Potato (regular and sweet potato)
Melon (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew...)

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Those are some good ideas, I hadn't thought of melons yet. Also, we have done grapes. DS loves them.

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i put frozen fruit in mine, but Lucas just sucks all the cold/ice/juice out and doesn't want it anymore haha

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Lyla loves orange slices. I've just been putting one in there and she loves it, but I think she's teething now so I'm going to try freezing them. And what the others have said.

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Aiden just does chunks of frozen purees in them since he won't actually eat any of his purees that I made for him otherwise.
I did a banana once in attempt to get DS to like bananas. No go. lol.
Frozen grapes cut in half! He loves that. Less messy too. Wink

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Those are some good ideas.
We've done frozen BM cubes and he loves those!

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Anything you like and can cut into chunks. Frozen when they are teething is ge=reat as well. It's also good with things that have seeds you might miss or are worried about choking with.

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

Aiden just does chunks of frozen purees in them since he won't actually eat any of his purees that I made for him otherwise.

That's a great idea! I've got a bunch of cubes in my freezer that Teagan doesn't want anything to do with. Then again, she never did like the mesh feeder all that much and cold things freak her out. Hmmmm....

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We're not very inventive over here. I pretty much put whatever in there. I love using it for ice cubes when it's teething time. Her favorite is bananas and mangoes, which of course, make the biggest messes. Clara always seems to smell like fermenting fruit because she loves her feed sack so much and if I can get 10 minutes out of her to do the dishes it's fine with me!

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We do bananas, pickles, carrots, pork chunks, apples (peeled), mangos, peaches (usually frozen), oranges, pineapple chunks, ice, frozen juice cubes, nectarines and pears