Nipple biting

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Nipple biting

OUCH!!! Now that Simon has two little sharp pointy teeth on the bottom, nipple biting is excruciatingly painful!!! And he seems to be doing it more than ever. Pulling him in closer doesnt seem to stop it either! Only unlatching him!!!!

OUCHOUCHOUCH! My poor nipples!!! Sad

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Natalie has started to do this and doesnt have teeth yet but man it still hurts. I remember when my ds bit with his one tooth. I felt kinda bad but I instantly tapped his mouth. It wasnt hard enough to hurt him but more to shock him and he never bit me after that..

I hope he is nicer to ya..

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Sophie does it ALL the time! It hurts beyond words & she thinks its funny!! LOL Blum 3

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Ouch! I'm cringing at the thought of upcoming teeth.

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Teagan bit me a few times before she got her lower two and then right after. Once she learned how to work around them she stopped biting. I was terrified of the top teeth but she has three now and so far so good. I'm just careful not to put my nipple anywhere near her when she's got her bitey face on.