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So Sophie fully weaned herself off BF'ing about three weeks ago... I thought for sure AF was right around the corner, as I had a few days of crampiness... but it never came... since then, still nothing... I know there's no magic number of days as to when AF returns and I'm not exactly complaining, but it totally freaks me out that it hasn't shown up. I mean, I LOVE that it's not here... but at the same time DF and I had a couple of oops while DTD, but nothing I could test for just yet... or well, there was one on the May 24 weekend, but I've POAS and it was a negative... so unless we managed to get pregnant like two weeks ago... Blum 3 I'm rambling... LOL! How long did it take for AF to return foe everyone else??

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we stopped bfing around 6 months and i think it took about 40 days or so?? i normally have long cycles though. i have only had two periods so far since stopping

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I wouldn't panic yet since pretty much anything is considered normal I've learned. Basically despite not BFing any more hormones can still be wonky and it can take a bit for you to ovulate (your body does have to get those pesky hormones at the right levels for that to happen!) and then you still have around 2 weeks-ish after that before AF will show. Sooooooo....have fun waiting! Wink The last AF taught me to keep pads stocked everywhere and on me at all times.

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It probably takes awhile for those BFing hormones to completely disappear. Enjoy her absence!

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LOL!! Oh I must say I am enjoying it; that's for sure!! I keep forgetting to pack any protection when I go out tho, incase she lets loose in the line up at Walmart!! LOL Blum 3

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I keep forgetting to keep tampons in my purse just in case. I'm still not used to needing them again! I stopped bf at 6 mo, and I believe AF showed up about 4 or 5 wks later for the 1st time. Though it's hard for me to know what effect the Mirena has on that as well.

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It only took 2 weeks for mine to show up after ds.. But everyone is different Im sure. I would be careful if you are not ready to get prego again though..

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I won't get AF at never comes...
KUP on your AF!!:0)

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Hi, I was lurking around and figured I would give you my experience. With DS it took 3+ months after totally stopping BFing before getting AF. This time we have gone down to only 2 feedings a day (sometimes 1) for over 2 months. I never got AF and now I'm prego again (planned) so I won't have one for a long time I guess. It can take a while, but remember to be careful because it is hard to tell when you O since the hormones are all over the place still. I have no idea when I did so my EDD for now is highly on the estimated side.

I hate how BFing, O'ing, AF, and pregnancy symptoms can all run together.

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I'd be ok w being preggo again, tho holy balls would I be busy!!! LOL Smile