Not sure if I'm ready to offically call it

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Not sure if I'm ready to offically call it

but Ronin was just sitting on my lap and twisting himself around and reached up to claw my face and lovingly said Mama. I think it was more of a fluke than anything else but if he does it a few more times I will officially call it a word.

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That's wonderful!

My mom is convinced that DS is calling me "mama" when he babbles. ha ha!

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Aww, so sweet! So far dd hasn't said any words (although I kind think she said "kitty" once, haha). She makes the dada sound but i havn't seen her associating it with DH and she doesn't even make the mama sound yet, so you know I'm not gonna beat dh on that one! Oh well!

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Awwwww, so cute when they start saying words.

Delaney says ma ma and bye bye. Melts my heart....

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Awwww, so cute. I bet its totally it!

LOL...nothing says I love you like that first 'mama' while being clawed in the face Smile

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So cute! Call it!!:0) It counts!

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Smile We have got "mama" and "dada" here. It's lovely Smile

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I was just talking to my Dad and the other weekend he watched Ronin while I went to pick hubby up and as we pulled up in the car Ronin started babbling Dada. In true Ronin form he will probably do it this once and then not again until he knows he can do it right and then won't stop.

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Omgosh!! Totally adorable!!! Biggrin You will have to try to capture this on video!! Biggrin

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Aww so sweet! Tristan says "dad", but no mama yet!

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Precious! Teagan likes to babble softly while she fish hooks me. I think I heard her mumble mama yesterday but my ears could've been playing tricks on me.

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That's sweet. Biggrin

DD goes off and on with the 'mama'. I think you know it when you hear it. If that makes sense?

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Awwww...Yay for Mama!! We have a dada talker here, but no mama.