Nursing pics

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Nursing pics

A fellow birth center mom/photographer asked Tucson moms to sit for nursing pics to assemble into a book as a gift to the birth center. She sent us our pic today! Here it is. You can see her other pics HERE.

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I get a free print. Which one should I get printed?

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Great pictures! Smile I have no idea which one I'd choose! Maybe the right one since it's a close up?

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I love those pics! I wish I had someone to do some for me. I'd pick the close up, myself, but they're both beautiful. TFS!

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They look great! I would get the one on the right, unless you really, really want a picture of the wildcat statue.

She's taking mine at a public library in a couple of weeks. We joked about taking them on campus, specifically in the law school parking lot, since that's where Rowan nursed twice a week for her first couple of months.

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I figure its where I spend the vast amount of my time and my lab studies wildcats. Just made sense. I'm leaning towards the one on the let because I have a bunch of nursing pics and that one is more interesting.

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I love that she had to swap boobs between pictures Smile The photos are lovely

I'd choose the close up one

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They are both so nice! What a great idea for a book/gift!
I'd go with the one on the left because it add extra visual interest with the statue and I love that it showes the enviroment around where you are nursing her.

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Very cool pics to have done. Can you get both and pay for one? I wouldn't be able to resist not having both pictures. Smile

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such pretty pics! i like the one on the left