Nursing strike?

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Nursing strike?

Hey everyone, sorry I don't get to post here as often as I would like - but I do lurk a fair amount and it helps to read about what others are going through and how similar it is to our situation!

Tell me about nursing strikes. What do I do? How to handle it? Brian has a little chest cold and turned a corner last night and is acting like himself today (still a little draining, but he's clearly a lot better). Yesterday he didn't nurse well, but nursed fine last night overnight (every 2-3 hours, as usual :roll:). He nursed this morning a little after 6am, then not again until 12:15pm and it was only for a minute, literally. Then nursed at 2-something for less than a minute. And the only way I could get him to latch for those few minutes was by having him sit up. :roll: I just got him to nurse at 5pm for about 3 minutes and this time he wouldn't nurse unless he was in his 'usual' cradle hold. Otherwise he's refusing to nurse and shoving my boob away and fussy if I persist in offering. When I'm not attempting to get him to nurse, he's happy as a clam. They gave him a 4 oz bottle in the nursery this morning but that's the only formula he's had today. I've been bad about solids, but will probably give him some bananas later today - esp if he continues to refuse to nurse. DH thinks his appetite is down because of his cold, but I have a feeling he wouldn't turn down a bottle if offered (but I'm certainly not going to offer one until he nurses decently). I really struggle with making enough milk to feed two hungry boys most of the time and aside from being extremely distracted right now, they've never refused to nurse. Help! I don't know what to do!!

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I bet it is because he is sick. If he is nursing okay at night, he probably is just half awake so he isnt going to refuse. Just keep trying and hopefully when he feels better he will pick up his appetite again.

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I would just keep offering the boob. I wouldn't offer a bottle unless you're not around. When he gets truly hungry, he should eat. He probably isn't feeling up to eating a whole lot due to being sick. He's probably only wanting to eat enough to sustain life. Wink
Oh, and it's amazing how much these little creatures can get in a minute! DS hasn't nursed for longer than 3 minutes yet today. :rolleyes:

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Sounds like Simon right now. Except instead of pushing the boob away he bites me!! OUCH!!! I hope both our babies get back to good nursing soon!!!

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it sounds to me like it's just because hes not feeling good. I'd just keep offering it. Eventually when he's hungry he'll eat.

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I think keep offering too. Maybe his throat is hurting or sore and it is uncomfortable to nurse very long. Maybe Micah will nurse a little extra for you or Brian will nurse extra at night if you are worried about supply. Odin screams at my boob when he isn't feeling well and not eat very much as well.

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Ditto to what the pp's have said Blum 3

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Just keep offering. If he's eating less than usual, he'll be fine for quite a bit longer than you'd think. I swear, Teagan barely nursed for the few weeks she was sick and she STILL gained :eek:. Unless he's vomiting and/or has diarrhea. Then you have to worry about hydration. If you are worried about hydration, offer more frequently and do whatever you can to get whatever liquid you can into him.