nursing with teeth

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nursing with teeth

My kids are all late teethers (my DD didn't get her first tooth until she was almost a year!). Brian just cut his first tooth a few days ago. Micah just got 2 top teeth about a week or so ago. Now that those are coming in, I definitely feel them when he's nursing. Is this normal? It's not THAT painful, but it is slightly uncomfortable... did this happen to anyone else? I'm also a little concerned about the possibility of thrush, but I guess I'm hoping it's 'just' teeth!

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I never felt the bottom teeth as long as he isnt biting, but I find that I feel the top ones sometimes. Like you said, not painful, but a little uncomfortable and definitely there. I think this happens while they are getting used to them. The hungrier and more actively he nurses, the less I feel them. It's when he is more pacifying or snacking that I feel them. I think this is normal for the top ones, because if you think about it, there isnt anything between them and your breast, unlike the bottom teeth where the tongue should be between teeth and skin.

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Teagan now has at least 8 teeth (she won't let me in there to search for more :rolleyes:) and I haven't felt them all that much in months. I definitely felt them more when they first came in. They quickly figure out how to nurse with them and I honestly think they become less sharp after a few weeks. She's bitten me maybe three times and it was unintentional.

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I have gotten bit but also unintentional. Top teeth i definately feel more than bottom. It hurt but now he used to them. Sometimes when he is frustrated he'll latch wrong and i will feel them.