Nursing through the stomach flu?

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Nursing through the stomach flu?

Has anyone had a stomach virus with vomiting and diarrhea and continued to nurse through it? Lainey obviously still wants to nurse, and I'm letting her (washing my hands beforehand and wearing a mask), but I'm concerned about dehydration. Does anyone have any advice?

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Can you keep anything down? Try sipping on fluids all the time to keep as much down as possible. I dont know if Gravol will help much, but it will certainly make you drowsy! At least it does for me. As long as you are producing some urine, I'd say you're ok. Just sip all day on whatever is most appealing to you.

Such a sucky situation. Sad

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I had a 48 hr stomach bug that kept me from keeping anything down. I think Teagan was about 8 months. I did my best to nurse as much as possible. I don't think hand washing and a mask are really going to do much. Since its January, you shouldn't be too worried about dehydration but try giving her water throughout the day in whatever she'll take it in. Your supply will probably take a hit but it will rebound.

Feel better!

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Nothing wrong with a little extra hand washing! Hopefully she won't get it. When I felt like death for a week Aiden felt just kinda sorta not so great for 2 days. That was it. I like to think the boob helped. Biggrin
I wouldn't worry about dehydration too much because obviously if you're worried you're trying to keep water down. Once you are able to keep something down, maybe try something with electrolytes. The last time I had a stomach virus I made a guy friend (DH was gone) go pick me up some Pedialyte. It made me feel so much better than just water!

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I had a stomach flu when Eleanor was about 5 months old and I was concerned about passing it to her, but from what I read, it's too late when you already have symptoms, and it's better to nurse and provide her with immunities (of course a 5 month old is different than a 15 month old). Somehow my body kept the supply up and I didn't get dehydrated (well, beyond the typical dehydration one experiences with a flu). Thankfully stomach bugs are typically short-lived. Drink what/when you can.

Hope you feel better quick!

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Thanks everyone! I should have been more clear when I wrote that first post, but well, it was like, 3 am, and between vomiting episodes Wink I wasn't concerned about Lainey getting dehydrated, she loves water and drinks a ton of it, so I'm sure she's fine. It was more about me, since whenever she was nursing I would get really, really sick and I thought maybe it was my body telling me to quit taking out extra fluids. Thanks for the suggestion about pedialyte - I'm sipping some now and starting to gradually feel less like death. I've never tasted pedialytle before - kind of like watered down juice with a slightly salty finish. Probably not something I'd drink when I'm not sick! lol But it's tasting pretty good right now so it must be what I need.

I know the mask probably isn't doing much, I just wear it when she's nursing and our faces are close so I'm not breathing right on her. I know she, DD1 and DH have all been exposed already, but I can't help but hold out hope that a little extra effort might help keep them from getting this lovely virus.

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She may not get it. Both times I've had the flu, while nursing Odin, he hasn't gotten it. I too like to think it was immunity for all that BM. I got it when Odin was just a few months old and then again in Oct. so he was about 1. The time in October I did notice a drop in my supply while I was sick and the only difference was that I was also preg. I just tried to take little sips of liquid when I could and then once I was able to stomach some decent amount of liquid I pumped myself full of electrolytes.

Feel better soon! I'm glad the pedialyte is already helping.

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Oh good grief, the stomach bug, you poor thing! Our whole house had it just before Christmas. I think I would've died if I had still been nursing Clara. She'd have had to spend a lot of time in the bathroom with me if she wanted a drink. I hope it goes away quickly!!! Feel better soon!