Odin's 1 year appt.

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Odin's 1 year appt.

He is doing great and I actually didn't get harassed this time about not vaccinating. Odin had a huge growth spurt from 9 to 12 months which is great since he has just been such a slow one to gain weight. I think its his current carb addiction :rolleyes: He can now solidly wear 9 and 12 month clothing and I can't see his ribs anymore. He even has some baby chub!!!

Weight: 19lbs 14oz up from 16lbs something oz (close to 17lbs) at 9 months :eek:
Length: 28.5 inches
Which means he hasn't grown since 6 months (& 9 moths was 28 3/4) so something is off somewhere. He has grown taller in some of his clothing length for sure.

Anyway, doc. was happy that he was eating all solids beyond just baby food. Said I could do what I like about milk but didn't really push to start it anytime soon. Thought it was great we were still nursing and said that is ideal for the first 2 years (WTG doc.!). I was happy to have a pretty easy appointment this time.

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That sounds like a freaking FANTASTIC appointment! (sorry, I've been drinking while playing Mario Kart online w/ our Vegas friends :lol:)

Glad that you didn't get any harassment about vaccinations (wish I had your pedi!), and WAY TO GROW! Smile I wouldn't worry about the height, though you obviously aren't worried. Measuring these wiggly babies is a chore and I'm pretty sure that they underestimated Aiden's height by 1/2" this last appt cause Aiden would not let the poor Airman make his marks properly! And as you already know, no reason for cow's milk. Especially since you're still nursing. We've introduced it to Aiden, but funny enough the more cow milk he drinks the more boob he wants. Lol

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sounds like a great appointment

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Wow, what a great appointment!! Do you think they may have made a mistake with his measurement either this time or at his 9month? I could totally see that happening. I'm happy to hear that he's doing so great!!

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Sounds like a good appt to me! I agree that length measurements can be totally wacky.

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Yay, glad you had a great appointment!