oh boy...

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oh boy...

I think Lucas has finally figured out that if he keeps rolling he can get places. It started with him rolling to his stomach and after a couple minutes freaking out. Now i have just watched him keep rolling until he got to something. In a period of 2 or 3 weeks he has suddenly started rolling, sitting, and standing holding on to something.

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Wow! That's alot of work in that amount of time!!!! Simon is also rolling to get places and man can he get into stuff that way. No standing while holding something yet....unless it's my hands, otherwise he just falls. LOL!

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Good job Lucas! It's really amazing how fast these babies can get with rolling. I blink my eyes and DS is already halfway across the room on his way into trouble! He's so good at rolling that he doesn't see the point in improving his slow weird crawling. lol. Hopefully Lucas will be satisfied with his current accomplishments for at least a couple of weeks! Smile

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WTG Lucas! Sometimes they start doing so much all at once that its hard to keep up.

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he must have been saving it all up and waited to bust it all out at once;)

jackie, when i was watching him roll i thought of Aiden when you said he rolls and gets into stuff all the time!

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LOl that sounds so cute!! Chloe is crawling. She even stood up yesterday!! Omg these babies are growing quick. Its so cute to warch them get into trouble. I say no no no, and she'll repeat it as shes being bad.

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yay! That's great. I am more than content with my stationary baby Lol

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Lucas is going to be a wild child! LOL Biggrin

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Oh my, it sounds like some of you ladies have your hands full with a mobile baby. We are not getting around anywhere yet, but DS did stand up on his own the other day.:eek: We may just skip crawling...