Ok, let's not do that again...

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Ok, let's not do that again...

My baby girl is sick. She has been since Monday. She is super congested, coughing, and has discharge from her eyes and nose. Yuck! She has been to the doctor twice and has looked okay, She has a mild fever and one ear started to look a bit pink so we have started her on antibiotics (she HATES taking meds by the way, and I mean, HATES.) Last night I was feeding her and towards the end she started coughing (which she always does now that she is sick) but this time, she wouldn't stop. She ended up not being able to catch her breath, and couldn't breathe. Her lips started turning blue and her eyes looked so urgent, it was horrible. Thank God I know how to do the heimlich on a baby (praise God for my EMT training) and so I did that. She spit milk, drool, and some phlegm out of her mouth and started breathing again. I swear to God that was the scariest moment in my entire life. All I could think is how differently that could have gone. Afterwards she was pretty sedate but clingy, which was fine because you couldn't have paid me to put her down. I don't want to have to do that EVER AGAIN. But I'm glad that I know I could. So let it be a lesson to you; if you don't know how to do infant heimlich or cpr, learn it!!! You never know when you'll need it.

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Wow very scary!!! I'm glad I know CPR too (I'm an RN so I have to certify every year). I should teach DH how to do this as well. Better safe than sorry.

I'm glad she's ok and I hope her cold goes away very soon.

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Oh no! ((big hugs)) mama!
How scary. Good reminder for everyone to lean that and infant CPR! (both of which I have too)

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So scary! Glad everything is OK!
We took classes...but I need to refresh...any tips??!

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OMG scary!! I'm so glad it turned out OK. Have you tried hanging out in a steamy bathroom to clear out some of that mucus? Nursing in the shower really helps as it forces them to breath through their noses.

We took classes when I was pregnant and I already feel like I need a refresher.

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Terrifying!! sophie was sick awhile back and we had very similar episodes w her gagging/choking on phelm Sad It was the scariest thing... I never want to go through it again... Sooo glad you knew what to do!!!! I hope she gets better quick!! HUGS!

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How scary! They made me watch a video on infant CPR before my DD got out of the NICU, but I don't remember any of it. I'm so glad you knew what to do! Hope she feels better soon!

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how scary!!! i am glad she is alright.

i have looked at how to do it online, i hope i never need to use it.

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How scary! I'm glad she is ok and you knew what to do.
I have to take it yearly for my preschool but it still freaks me out thinking I may have to use it.

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How scary. The exact same thing happened to DS1 in January, couldn't breath/catch his breath and he finally coughed up loads of phlegm and he's 2!! I can't imagine how scared I'd be if it was Tobey.

DH is first aid trained with his job so he's taught me what to do if I need to


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How very scary! I'm glad she's okay. I don't know what I would've done. I guess I'm the only one on here who isn't up to scratch on this stuff. I was once certified in CPR (Adult and Infant) but that was 6 years ago and that certification is only good for 2 years. . .

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How scary! Glad she's ok! We went through a similar incident with Lainey a few weeks ago, when we think she must have choked on her vomit (she had the stomach flu) and she stopped breathing and looked lifeless. I never, never want to experience that again!

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It was really scary. I'm glad it's over. She is slightly better but now has this horrible green discharge coming from her eyes, ugh. At least her cough has lessened. I hate when my babies get sick.

I'm so glad to hear so many of you would have known what to do in the same situation. It's one of those things that so many people put off learning but it's one of the most important things to learn, EVER. At least watch an instructional video on youtube or something, so you have *some* idea. Could you imagine if that situation occurred and you didn't know what to do and it ended badly? Ugh...I don't know how I'd live with myself.