Omg omg omg!!!

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Omg omg omg!!!

Today Tobey decided he can pull himself to stand and walk :eek: He's been cruising round the furniture/walls like it's nothing for about a week and bum shuffles like a pro Lol It's only a few steps between things he wants to cruise around but still...for my stationary baby this is HUGE Smile

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Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0) How exciting!

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Yahoo :party:

GO TOBEY!!!!! :jumpingbeans: That is awesome!!

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Yay Tobey!!!! That is amazing news!!!

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Hooray! Yahoo

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This is HUGE news! I bet your chubby baby won't be as chubby in another month if he keeps this up! Lol

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that is awesome!! i bet you feel so relieved Smile

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Yahoo I knew he could do it!! Smile

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Yahoo Way to go, Tobey!

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Nice job, Tobey!

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Way to go Tobey! Your mommy should post video!!

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WTG Tobey!!!

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Way to go Tobey! Your mommy should post video!!

I will when I get one Smile

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AWESOME!!!!! Yahoo Way to move, Tobey!!

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Sweet jumping beans!! Way to go!! Biggrin