OT: Getting Sticker off Clothing

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OT: Getting Sticker off Clothing

Anyone know of any good tricks for getting stickers off clothing after they have gone through the wash?

DS1 is destroying all of his shirts with stickers that I don't catch before they get washed and dryed. Its impossible to peel the sticky residue off the material after that point. I need to ban the use of stickers in my house before he runs out of shirts to wear.

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I haven't actually had that issue. . . yet. However, my first thought would be to soak it in soapy water and then try to either scrape it with my fingernail or a toothbrush. You'd have to be careful with the toothbrush though because you can make a funky spot (which I have done in attempt at stain removal). I'm not sure of other methods though. . . :dontknow:

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Try nail-polish remover. The acetone should dissolve the glue.