OT: Happy Birthday to my sweet 3YO!

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OT: Happy Birthday to my sweet 3YO!

My handsome sweet Jonah is 3 today!!
We almost lost him at birth...spent 2 weeks in the hospital...but now is doing great! He was sick on his birthday last year and in the hospital...so we are praying that he is healthy this year! He has immune system issues...
Anyway, wanted to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe how time flies!!!

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Happy birthday to Jonah, hope he is well this year and has a great day.

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Aww :happybday: Hope he has a great day!!

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Happy Birthday Jonah! Wishing him a happy and healthy year.

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Happy Birthday, Jonah! God bless you!

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I agree that I hope this is a HEALTHY year for him! Happy birthday to your little man. Smile

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Thanks ladies:0)

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I hope he has a wondeful birthday and I hope he stays heatlhy!

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aw happy birthday to Jonah!

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Happy birthday Jonah!!! Biggrin

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Happy Birthday Jonah! I hope he has a healthy year! My baby girl will be 3 soon too, where does the time go?

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Thank you!! These warmed my heart! They do grow so fast!!!

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Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

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Happy Birthday Jonah!!! :bdaycake:

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Happy Birthday Jonah!!

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Happy Birthday Jonah!!