Out of the hospital....

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Out of the hospital....

...after two and a half weeks. I was diagnosed August 18th with a major mesenteric thrombosis. Or simply, a blood clot in the main vein supplying my intestines and other internal organs. I am now on blood thinners and home. I have some swelling in my intestinal wall, and as of today, the clot has dislodged and is not findable on CT scan. There are no obvious reasons for the clot, as I am not on hormonal BC and don't smoke or anything, and tested negative for all the obvious blood disorders. I am still super tired and in quite a bit of pain, so I apologize in advance for the impending quietness.

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Glad to hear you're home and doing better! Smile

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So glad you are home! Prayers!!!!!

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Wow that's scary! I'm glad you are home now. Get some much needed rest! I hope the pain goes away quickly.

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Yay, I'm so glad you are doing better and are back home! I hope you are feeling better quickly and can get the rest you need.

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I'm glad you were able to come home! :bighug:

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I'm so happy to hear that you are getting better and have finally been able to come home!!!

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It's good to have you back, even if it's just in lurk mode for a while. Are they doing anymore testing or anymore precautionary stuff for you?

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Glad your home :bighug:

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Glad your home. I hope the year gets better for you and the family and no more illnesses and hospitals.

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So glad your home. Hope you start to feel better soon.

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:bigarmhug: I'm glad you're home!

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Wow Cat that is SCARY!!!! Glad all is well now.