Party, party! (pic heavy)

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Party, party! (pic heavy)

We had Lainey's first birthday party today, on her actual birthday.

This morning we got up and took the route that we were taking trying to get to the hospital, then stopped by the mile marker where we pulled over and she was born. We tied a pink ribbon to the marker, and took a couple quick pics:

It was fun reliving that drive and remembering what we were doing a year ago!

We got home and she got some presents from Mommy and Daddy. We got her her very own baby, which is her favorite toy and favorite word!

I made a lady bug cake for our Lainey bug!

And made a car themed smash cake (which was DH's idea), fitting for a baby girl born in the car!:


Smash cake again (license plate says O-BABY)

Birthday girl:


She had a nice party and got some nice clothes and some new toys. It was fun being with friends and family, although a lot of work!

And a Lainey update:
Probably about 21 pounds, not sure how many inches.
And BFing still going strong! I'm glad it's gone so well for us after a very rough start!

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OMG! Your cakes look fantastic!! I love the smash cake! Im glad she had a wonderful day!

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LOVE the cakes! They look AWESOME! What a great trip down memory lane too. You certainly have a fantastic birth story for her. I love it.

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HOLY CRAP! i can believe how talented everyone here is, those cakes are awesome!!

I LOVE the ribbon on the sign where she was born. So sweet!

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Wow. Those are some freaking awesome cakes. I absolutely LOVE her smash cake and your visit to her birth site. So glad her day was so awesome!!

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Thanks for including a picture of the mile sign. I find it really interesting! (And still can't believe you had to deliver in the car. lol)

Those cakes are AMAZING! What a fantastic job.

TFS! Biggrin

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That story brings back so many memories just for me, I'm sure it's great for you guys to relive. I remember feeling so happy for you, even though it didn't work out quite as planned, it really is an amazing story! You're cakes are beautiful and Lainey is so cute!!!

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Those cakes are awesome. I love how you marked her birth place.

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Aww, that cake looks great!! I totally forgot she was born in the car Smile Looks like she enjoyed the cake!!

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The ribbon on the sign is such a cute idea. The cakes are beautiful as well. Looks like a fantastic day for the birthday girl!

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Both cakes look wonderful! You did such a great job. I love the ribbon around the sign, that is such a good idea for such an "unplanned" birth site.

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Awesome cakes! Looks like she had a great bday.
How special that you took that drive and tied the ribbon to the mile marker and everything. Stupid hormones, now I'm tearing up.

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Awww! Soooo sweet! Great cakes & I love her onesie!! Blum 3 She is beyond cute!

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Thanks everyone! We had such a great day. Making the drive again was very special to us. And I was thankful all over again that I had planned a natural VBAC, because with a 2 hour labor at 37 weeks and 2 days, she wasn't coming any other way! Her birth was simply amazing, and while I didn't intend for it to happen exactly the way it did, it's an experience I'm glad I had (maybe most people wouldn't expect that, but it was a very empowering birth for me).

Thanks for the compliments on the cakes. I love making cakes! I've been doing them since I was about 10-11 years old, but got REALLY into them about 2-3 years ago. They're so much fun, and I love it when I have an occasion where I can get creative!

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(Oh, and Erin - I hope you don't mind but I'm stealing your BFing blinkie!)

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And then I started looking at my siggie, and realized I have to update BOTH of my kids' tickers. I don't think I'm strong enough to handle both in one day....

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Such a cute cute idea! I love that first pic! I love all the pics:0) Gorgeous baby!!:0)
I almost forgot about your story! How amazing!
And your cake is awesome:0) (both of them!)

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Your cakes ROCK!!! Good job....

Happy Birthday Lainey! Smile :party:

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I love your cakes, they look great! And the ribbon on the mile marker is such a neat idea!

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Love the cakes! You mentioned you really got into cake making - do you do it professionally at all? Because it looks like it, and I bet people would pay good money for cakes like that.

Also, happy birthday Lainey!

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"abacaxi" wrote:

Love the cakes! You mentioned you really got into cake making - do you do it professionally at all? Because it looks like it, and I bet people would pay good money for cakes like that.

Also, happy birthday Lainey!

Thanks! I was doing cakes professionally for a little while. I did a wedding cake, and some other custom cakes.

You'd be surprised about what people are willing to pay though. Most want a fancy cake at walmart prices. I quit doing cakes professionally when I started grad school, but really it wasn't worth my time. Once I figured in the cost of ingredients and divided by the amount of time it took to produce a cake, I was only making like $1-3 per hour.

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you did a phenomenal job on the cakes!!!!

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