pillow and crib?

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pillow and crib?

Do your babies still sleep in the crib? My SIL is pregnant and Chloe's crib turns into a toddler bed but I do not like it. No protection for her to not fall out of the thing and the guards they sell are way too big and wouldn't leave enough room for her to get in and out safely. Plus, my SIL needs the crib, not till December 11th (or so lol, that's her due date btw).

What kinda toddler bed did you buy for LO? We need a toddler bed because their room is not big enough for two twins. I am hopeing we would have saved enough to get a house by the time she out grows the toddler bed.

Do you use a pillow in the crib yet? Is there a difference safety wise when using one in a crib opposed to a toddler bed? You'd think I would know these things.. but Trevor got his knee stuck in the old crib slats and needed a toddler bed much sooner. His awesome bed had those pieces to keep him in.. unlike this new crib.

She has two pillow pets.. she loves them but dh insists that she isn't old enough for a pillow yet. So he tosses them in her doll box every night. She does sleep with her babies every night..

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Evan still sleeps in his crib. We had planned on buying a big boy bed when he turns 2, but we may not. He doesn't ever try to climb out, he still has plenty of room, so I don't know. If we had another on the way, we would certainly get a bed. We may just wait until we are pg again (plan on trying in November), so I may just wait until we can transfer the bed to a new room without having to break it down and rebuild. We have a bed picked out to get that is a twin size, it's not too high off the ground.

We don't use a pillow in the crib yet. He doesn't seem to mind, and truthfully, I just haven't thought to put one in there.

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We're still in a crib, she has not climbed out or even tried for that matter.
We'll turn her crib into her toddler bed.
She does have a pillow. It's an old one of mine so it's still soft but it's pretty flat. I mostly put it in her crib because she loves laying on pillows. So I thought it would help comfort her. It does Smile

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Aiden is still in the crib. Sometime this fall or winter he'll move to a bed so that the new baby can use it. I'm debating which bed to put him in (we already have both a twin and double) and if I should move him before or after the baby is here. Might do it before since more than likely he'll change bedrooms too. We'll skip the toddler bed.
I've offered for DS to use a pillow (small firm one) a few times, but he always throws it out of his crib. I don't care if he uses a pillow or not a long as he sleeps! He does sleep with a blanket and his lovely.

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Chloe also uses my pillow when she naps around me... like on the sofa.. but I just haven't put one in the crib yet... something about me not being able to see her scares me a little.. I was wondering if I was being paranoid or not. Smile

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Do your babies still sleep in the crib? Yes, Adair is still in her crib. I haven't seen any good reason to give her any extra freedom or frankly make any unnecessary changes to bedtime right now, so she'll be in there for a while yet, I think. Maybe Christmas? I can't decide if I want to tackle the pacifier or the bed first. Definitely not together!

What kinda toddler bed did you buy for LO? Her crib converts to a toddler bed, so we'll just do that when we're ready. And then keep her in it as long as possible, since even a twin in her tiny room is going to mean getting rid of a piece of furniture, and I can't decide how to deal with it. I kind of want to build her a loft, but obviously not until she's older!

Do you use a pillow in the crib yet? Oh yeah, she's had a pillow for ages. It's not a big adult one, it's a little toddler size one. She also has lots of stuffed animals and a pillow pet down by her feet, and sleeps with one or two little ones in her arms. I don't think there's any real safety issue once they're old enough to have the strength and dexterity to move a pillow or move away from a pillow without any real effort. I can't remember when we gave her one, but it was a LONG time ago...maybe around 13 months or so? I made her a duvet and matching pillow for her birthday, and I think it was a little late since we were out of town, but it was around there. She loves it, and sometimes carries it into our bed if I bring her in there in the early morning.

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T's been in her big girl bed for about 6 months now. It was really weird at first with her being so young but she transitioned really easily and I can't even imagine having her in a crib any more. We just gave her our old queen size bed and got a sweet king size bed for us. We have Magic Bumpers instead of rails. They're awesome. They aren't bulky at all, they don't look hideous like most bumpers, they keep T from rolling out of bed, and she can easily get over them when she's awake. I've used them while traveling on all sorts of beds, including a bed in between a twin & a toddler bed and they worked great. I just use one line of them along one side and have the bed pushed up against the wall. I have a pillow on her bed but its more for me while I'm nursing her to sleep. She doesn't use it at all. She has a pillow pet and a bunch of stuffies that she'll snuggle with. I don't see any difference between having such things in a crib or in a bed. At this age, they don't need pillows but I personally (obviously) don't see a problem with them.

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We have a set similar to Erin's magic bumpers (same thing different name). I'm thinking about getting a 2nd set so that one can go on Aiden's big bed and the other will be used on ours with cosleeping and traveling with the new baby.

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Lyla has been in her toddler bed for a little bit now. She climbed out of her crib a long time ago. At first the toddler bed didn't work at all because she'd climb out and sleep on the floor and then started waking up in the middle of the night. So we had her in the pack n play for a while. Then right before DS was born DH made a rail for the bed he built for her and we've had no trouble with her and the toddler bed since. DH built the bed out of steel so it's extremely durable and it was free, and Kole is officially as long as the bassinet now so I will be moving him to the crib in the next few days. I can't believe he didn't even make it past 2 months in the bassinet!

Lyla has had a pillow since she was about 11 or 12 months old. She's all over the bed all night when she sleeps so sometimes she sleeps on it, sometimes beside it and sometimes she's underneath it. She's in a totally different spot in the bed every time I check on her. We have a video monitor too so it's easy to keep an eye on her without disturbing her. That video monitor has been the best decision!! Those bumpers like Erin and Jackie have would have been totally useless for Lyla.

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he's still in the crib. he hasn't tried climbing out or anything yet.

I was planning on keeping him in there until next baby, but that might be too long. His crib converts, but we will probably get a toddler bed at some point.

He doesn't have a pillow, but only because he is all over the place and i just think it would get in the way right now.

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Do your babies still sleep in the crib?
Yep. Like Leigh, I see no reason to give her extra freedom or mess with her bedtime routine at all. She'll be in the crib until some time after she is 2. Then it converts to a toddler bed.

What kinda toddler bed did you buy for LO?
We didn't do a toddler bed for DD1. She was in the converted crib bed until she was 3, then she went into a full size bed. We'll do the same with Lainey.

Do you use a pillow in the crib yet?
Lainey has used a small toddler sized pillow since she was......10 months old? At this age I don't think you need to worry too much about pillows and blankets any more. I just wouldn't put a ton of stuff in a crib, since they can use it to climb out.

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Yes, Natalie is still in a crib and probably will be for awhile.. She does use a pillow pet as her pillow.. She loves and it super funny because she gets pissed if its not in the right position for her so she fixes it..lol

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Isabelle is still in her crib, she has not tried to climb out. She will stay in there until she can climb out on the lowest setting or until the next baby comes along, whichever comes first. I plan to skip the toddler bed and go straight to a regular bed. She doesn't sleep with anything in her crib, I have tried giving her a blanket or stuffed animal, but she just throws it out right away-its a game to her.

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Do your babies still sleep in the crib? She's never slept in the crib, though we tried. No, wait, she slept in it for almost half an hour once.

What kinda toddler bed did you buy for LO? The crib we bought converts to a toddler bed, which I guess we kind of did because it doesn't have the fourth side on it and it is pushed up against our bed. I think in a couple of months we might go buy her a big girl bed and see if she'll sleep in it.

Do you use a pillow in the crib yet? Sort of. She has one, but her head is never actually on it. A few months ago DH was having a problem with Rowan constantly rolling onto his pillow, so we decided it was time to buy her one of her own. I bought a 12x16 pillow at the fabric store and removed about half of the stuffing. Then we let Rowan pick out material and I sewed her a pillow case. She loves it because it has dots and monkeys. But she doesn't actually use it for anything other than an object to point at and say "Rowan's! Dot! Dot!"

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Do your babies still sleep in the crib? Nope, start of the year Ronin started no cots at day care and seeing as he barely sleeps in his cot at home we are working on him sleeping in his big boy bed. He still sleeps in with us a lot though

What kinda toddler bed did you buy for LO? None, we went straight to a single bed, well mattress on the floor right now because the bed is too high

Do you use a pillow in the crib yet? Is there a difference safety wise when using one in a crib opposed to a toddler bed? I started with a pillow regularly in the cot around 1, he has a pillow on his bed but doesn't use it. I need to bring his baby pillow in, but need some pillow cases that aren't part of a sheet set for them because I don't want them to wear out unevenly

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Do your babies still sleep in the crib?Yes. I wouldn't put him in a bed until he closer to 2.5 like I did with DS1. He's quite happy in there and really, if my kid could fit in a crib at 15 I totally would! The stress of getting DS1 to actually STAY in his bed was just stupid. I loves cribs!! Smile Also a bed won't fit in his room so he would be in a bunk with DS1. We are trying to move to a bigger house
so he won't have to share a room but selling is such hard work!!

What kinda toddler bed did you buy for LO? Just a regular single bed hopefully

Do you use a pillow in the crib yet? Yes, for months. I wasn't going to as DS1 didn't have one until he was in a bed but during the winter he got a bad cold so I used a pillow (was looking for the crib pillow but couldn't find it so he ended up with a firm adult pillow) and when I took it away when he was better he wouldn't sleep so he's had a pillow ever since. Probably about 4/5 months

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