Pink Eye. Booooo.

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Pink Eye. Booooo.

Teagan caught my cold and now she's showing signs of pink eye. It's most likely viral so I'm not going to rush off to the doc to get her antibiotics any time soon. I'm trying really hard to get her to stand still long enough to squirt some boob milk in there but despite her cold she's rather energetic. What have you done for your kiddos when they've had pink eye?

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The times Ronin had it he needed ointment/ drops. We did the boob juice until we could get to the doctors but it wasn't helping

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We haven't had it yet *knock on wood* but I had it a couple times as a kid and I remember being held down for the eye drops. No fun Sad
I hope hers clears up fast!

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Poor girl. I hope it clears up. I've used the similasan homeopathic pink eye drops before with DS1.

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He's had pink eye twice. Once was viral, so we just waited it out and put warm washcloths on it as needed for the gunky buildup. For the bacterial, we used the drops from the doc.