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PJs for LO

I'm sure you ladies have already talked about this, but I'm going to ask again.:) What are your LOs wearing to sleep in? It is really starting to get hot out, but we keep the thermostat on 70 at night. Up until now we have worn PJs with the feet in them and cover up with a small fleece blanket. He is never hot during the night. I'm just wondering if I need to put him in a onesie with no legs or feet and use the same blanket. What are you ladies doing?

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Teagan's been going to bed in just her diaper for a few months now. We live at the center of the sun and DH doesn't let the thermostat go below 78.

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My favorite right now for him are those $5 Faded Glory PJ sets at Walmart. Pants and t-shirt. Stretches really nicely over DS's huge night time cloth diaper. Seems to keep him warm enough when he's in his crib (he does sleep with a light blanket in there) and he hasn't overheated in bed with us either. Up until recently I liked full up sleepers with the feet. We'll still use those when his two sets of Walmart ones are dirty. It's just hard finding full up sleepers in 12 or 18 month sizes!

ETA: We don't pay the electric bill here, so our house is at 70-72º at night. lol.

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

We live at the center of the sun and DH doesn't let the thermostat go below 78.

I'm sure you guys are super hot out there!!

I know what you mean about the sleepers not being easy to find in the 12-18 month range. DS is quickly outgrowing the 9 month ones we bought. I went in to BRU the other day for 12 months and discovered there were none!! Hopefully we will be able to stop in a Carters outlet next weekend and see what they have, otherwise it will be pants and onesie or just the onesie.

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some nights i put him in a light sleeper, but most nights he sleeps in a onesie. no blankets i am paranoid and he pulls them over himself. the weather has been really erratic here:rolleyes: really nice and hot one day, and cold and rainy the next so i just go by the temp outside.

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Usually Natalie sleeps in a onesie and has a blanket unless for some reason its colder at night. We dont have AC so we use window fans..

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We have had triple digit temps for about two weeks straight here. Our air conditioner is set to 78* also and does not go under that, so we usually just do a onsie. There's a light blanket in there but she always kicks it off.

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We have just a onesie, unless it is chilly out for some reason then I put like knit pants on too. No blankets used here either.

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We are using light-weight, cotton footie sleepers. No blankets. Either it's been cool enough naturally or we have the a/c on.

I think you'll have some luck at the Carters store. I've seen them there in the larger sizes, including toddler sizes.

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a footed sleeper and a 0.5tog sleeping bag. But it's not really that warm here

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Rowan usually sleeps in a diaper and either a onesie or shorts. We have to put something over the diaper, because she really likes undoing the velcro and I don't want her taking her diaper off in bed.

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"abacaxi" wrote:

We have to put something over the diaper, because she really likes undoing the velcro and I don't want her taking her diaper off in bed.

Teagan does the same EXTREMELY annoying thing. Every once in a while she becomes determined to get her diaper off (only when we're in bed ... why!?). I never remember to put short on her until it's too late and I'm far too lazy to get up and grab a pair. I need to start remembering the shorts BEFORE we put her down.

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Josie is in light cotton sleepers...sometimes cotton pants/shirts/socks...

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We've been using those little long sleeve Kimono shirts (lol...I'm still stuffing him in the 0-3m ones cause I can't find 3-6) & his cloth diaper under his swaddle. Its still cold so I do a knitted blanket as well but on the 1 hot night we had I did a short sleeve version without the blanket.

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We are opposite in weather here so at the moment Ronin wears footed sleepers (I can still find them easily up to size 1 here) or his flannalette pjs. My Mum also picked him up long sleeve cotton t shirt and pants pjs the other day because they were really cheap.

Now in summer it is stinking hot here and after that first month or so he mostly slept in singlet and a nappy.

With those whose babies undo the velcro would putting them on backwards help. I know cloth nappies go on backwards as well, my Dad did it with Ronin (because he has no idea how to change a nappy)

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We are just using cotton onesies or footed sleepers. Sophie has a blanket too but it's not always on her Blum 3

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Lucas usually sleeps in a onsie and his cotton sleepsack. Sometimes though I just put a lightweight cotton footed sleeper on him, w/o the sleepsack. I really just try to make sure that his feet are covered in some way b/c I worry that if his feet get cold he won't sleep as well. I keep the air at 75 usually. I wish I could keep it warmer but it is sooooo humid here that anything warmer is just unbearable.

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Emma sleeps in a onesie. She has a blanket in her crib and she loves to cuddle up in it.