Play Date!

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Play Date!

Teagan and Rowan went barhoppin' last night. They were considerate enough to bring their parents along too. Fun, beer, and pizza was had by all. Ok, maybe not beer (although those baby fingers sure are fast). Family barhopping might just become a weekly event here in Tucson!

Teagan got down and dirty. (The bar floors were remarkably clean, I swear!)

Rowan showed Teagan how ladies are supposed to chew on bar stools.

Serious southwest cuteness!

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aww! TFS! So so very cute

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That's great! Glad y'all got together yesterday. Biggrin

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I love it! They are so cute!!! BFFs for sure now! Biggrin

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aww, very cute

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Aww so cute!

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So cute! Yay for meeting up!

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Adorable! I love meet ups Smile

Happy 8mo b-day to Miss Teagan too :party:

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CUTE!!! How nice of Teagan and Rowan to let their mommies come to the bar with them Wink

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Totally adorable!! Blum 3

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I can tell you exactly what Rowan is thinking in that last picture: "Teagan! Quit messing around! I can't eat this whole chair by myself!"

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Awww, cute!