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playing outside

this is kinda a dumb question, but I was just wondering what others did. now that the weather is getting nice and our LO's are older, how do you let them play outside? do they stay in the backyard? front yard? how are the "rules" if any if they are in the front yard? we live on a quiet street where it is mainly only the homeowners coming through and there are a ton of kids so they are always out on the lawns or in the street. If we let Lucas play in the front, he is bound to want to go into the street as our driveway/front lawn is only so big. how do you handle it with your LO's?

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Backyard. She has her stuff to play with back there, but still gets into stuff she shouldn't. She does go in the front yard but only with DH or I and she is never allowed near the street. We live on a moderately busy street, and I'm overly paranoid about kidnappers stealing my sweet babies.

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Our front yard is fairly small and though we live on a quiet side-street there are a lot of maniacs in the neighborhood. So we don't let her in the front unless we're just a few feet away. There's not much aside from gravel and cactus out there anyway. We try to take a walk around the neighborhood every day. She's now able to make it all the way around (~1/3 mile) walking herself. We enforce a "hold hands" policy when we cross the street and she's picked up on it really quickly. She even demands that DH and I either hold hands or each hold one of hers. The backyard is quite the mess still from the renovations but its relatively toddler safe so she's allowed back there while I watch her from the kitchen.

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Well right now Isabelle only goes outside if me or DH goes with her. We play both in front and in back. Usually I just follow her around and make sure she doesn't go into the street. Sometimes we walk around the neighborhood and I am trying to teach her that we stay on the sidewalk and don't go in the road-we don't have a lot of traffic which is nice. I would love to put in a fence eventually so she can play out back by herself when she is a little older but that wouldn't be until I can trust her not to eat something she shouldn't.

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In the mornings we play out front since the front porch is shaded (gosh it's great to be back in the south with a large front porch!). I either drag our inside gate out there to trap him on the porch (there are steps leading to the yard) or if I let him in the yard it's with me directly playing with him. There isn't any traffic hardly, but I want to be consistent with staying out of streets and holding hands out there.
In the afternoons the front gets full sun, so we move to the backyard area. We have a large deck that is always gated off. I let him play out there at will. Our backyard isn't fenced and backs up to a street that does have some traffic due the elementary school being back there. He rarely plays in the backyard since I can't trust him back there without directly playing with him. Really glad to have the big shaded deck!

ETA: I don't let DS walk around the neighborhood with me. If we go for a walk he's in a carrier or stroller. This kid is not about staying on sidewalks when there is grass and streets to play in. Blum 3

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My back yard is fenced but I always stay outside with her, and my 4 year old. My street that faces my house is extremely busy and we live at the bottom of a hill so people tend to drive super fast. She kinda just walks around, tries to get on the swing, tries to climb the ladder and go down the slide. The one thing she does know how to do is draw with chalk, and swing on her tummy..

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We play in the backyard. She has a little tikes toy and swing, balls, car. We let her in the back of the driveway just a bit for her car rides, but if she goes past the back porch she gets told a stern No & Stop. She's starting to get it down of where she can and cant go.