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Does you LO have one?
When do you let him/her have it?
When do you plan on weening them off?

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DS never took one expect for one day randomly last fall. lol.

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We still use one. He gets it at bed time and nap time when he is with us. He has not used one at daycare in over 6 months. I usually keep one with me when we go out and he starts getting whiny to the point of me not being able to find something to get his mind off being moody. Maybe around 2ish we will take it from him. We really don't have an action plan yet.

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Ds never took one.. Even after we tried like 5 different ones.

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Neither of my DD's liked them.

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He mainly has it when he goes to sleep which I'm quite happy with but he's been ill with a cough/cold for a few days so he's just had it. He calls it "Nang nang" Smile DS1 has a teddy that he sucks the arm of as he never took to a dummy and at 3.5 he still has it. I'm not intending on taking it away. He'd never sleep again!!

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Chloe still has one. She mainly uses it at bedtime but she hides them.. seriously, god forbid she lose one while yelling at us to get her outta the crib because I can not for the life of me find another one..but she can! I usually take it away during the day.
She has to have it for nap/bedtime still. I am gonna do it operation throw paci's in the trash shortly after her 2nd bday. I am okay with this. I did the same to Trevor. Other people always ask why she still has it... but to me it is my business... they are not the one who has to deal with a screaming baby all night long. Smile My SIL is pretty bad and tells her "yucky".. I wanna smack my SIL..but that is not uncommon anymore.. she is a idiot 95% of the time..
When she is trying to tell me something.. if she has a pacifer I tell her, "no, take paci out!" she will. And when she wants out of bed. I tell her to take it out and she will toss it aside.

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Teagan never took one. Sorry I can't help.

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Lyla used one as a little baby. She stopped taking it when she was 6 months old on her own. Kole refused to ever take one.

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Lucas had one. A little before a year he was only taking it for naps and to sleep and then one day he just gave it up and didn't want it anymore. i got lucky, i hope he does the same with his bottle.

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Ethan never took one and Olivia gave it up on her own around 4 months. Not much help here with a paci. sorry!