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poop talk

So I feel like every diaper change is a totally new and different experience. The boys range from watery, seedy to toothpaste to even more formed poop that reminds me of a cat's hairball. I realize that this probably reflects their eating... some days I have no time to give them any solids, some days I seem to make enough milk so they don't need as much formula, some days I seem to make less so they take more formula... it just seems a little odd that they're all over the place with their diapers. It probably has a lot to do with their varied diet right now. But I definitely don't like the more formed, solid poop. My DD's poopy diapers always looked exactly the same (toothpaste-like), so this is a bit of a mystery to me.

Just wondering how everyone else is doing in the poopy department right now. Biggrin

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Natalies vary too. Sometimes there a little more watery, and sometimes there like a formed ball. But since I started solids, the texture is different than before.. Usually orange and toothpasty too..

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It varies, I actually like when they are well formed because they are easier to just get off the ;liner and flush.

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DD's currently remind me of orange applesauce. Which I guess makes sense as she has been eating applesauce mixed with pureed sweet potato all week Smile

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DS's is becoming more like peanut butter with skins from grapes, zucchini, and squash thrown in there. (Nice, right? ;)) I'm really looking forward to more solid poops because it'll be easier in the cloth diaper department!

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DS1's were always toothpaste like. However Tobey only poop'd like once a week when he was just on milk so now he's on solids he's still pretty constipated. It's like proper solid man poo's but every 2 days

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it changes here too. he usually poops every other day and sometimes poops more than once a day but it can be liquidy, or or mushy and rarely it has been pasty.

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I have to say that I'm annoyed by solids and poop. DS used to poop once a day at the same time. Now that he's eating a lot more solids, he can go 4 days sometimes without a poop. And some days he'll poop like 3 times! Drives me nuts!

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We have an every other day pooper and its usually solid like.

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Since starting solids 3 weeks ago it is all over the place. Hard solid, soft like paste, and BM watery poop. I never know what is going to be in there.

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Charlie's go from watery ew to rabbit pellets. No joke. I'm paraphrasing here, but "Poop is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" at our house!! ROFL

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Add us to the "box of chocolates" poops. Teagan gets solids every day now but how much she eats varies drastically. She's eating table foods mostly so it's always a surprise what gets digested and what doesn't. Beans, grapes, corn, pickles ... ew. Washing her diapers at DH's grandma's house was .... um .... interesting. Some had to be washed by hand before going into the washing machine. Yippee.