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potty update

Juliet is refusing to wear Pullups, even to bed.
I gave up the battle earlier this week and left her go to bed in undies.
She's been waking up dry for the last three weeks.
She did have a small accident last night. It was probably more my fault. I've been sick and I night not have heard her wake up.

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Yahoo WTG Juliet!!

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I'm the Nana, but DD put a potty in her daughter's bedroom to make it easy at nighttime. It helped.

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You were doing EC with Juliet, weren't you? Leo has been doing the same thing, and it's really helped around here. It's DH's job to get up and make sure that Leo uses the toiilet for a pee AND poop, or we have an accident. Otherwise, it's pretty nice to have only 1 in diapers!

Yay Juliet!

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I did do EC with Juliet before she went to daycare.
I do credit EC for her bladder of steel. She can go pee before leaving daycare and not use the potty until bed time.
I got to go more often than her!

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I don't mean to sound dumb but what is EC?? My little Isabella doesn't seem to even realize she has to go potty. Whenever she wets herself she just starts crying and saying its wet. I'm having no luck in the potty training department Sad

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Elimination Communication is a method of infant potty training.
The theory is that newborns to about 3 months are instictually clean. If given the oportuniity, they will eliminate in a botty rather in their diaper. Parents become aware of their children cues and place them on a potty.

For us, it stated incidentally. At about 3 months, I noticed that Juliet woke up dry from naps. I started to place her on a Baby Bjorn potty. Not longer after, when she would put her arms in the air and with a special cry to indicate that she needed to go. By 6 months, we were averaging 2-3 diapers a day and she often woke up dry in the morning. Dirthy diapers were extrealy rare.

However, when she stated daycare at 9 months, they could not take her to the bathroom, so she lost a lot of her potty habits. When summer came, I took off her diaper and left her run naked. She went back to using the potty. In October, her daycare provider agreed to have her in uderwear during the day. By two, she was completely day trained and pretty good at night.

She never liked to be wet or dirty, plus her poop burns her skin. Those things have motivated her to be clean.

Pottyt raining is two main things:
1-> little muscles need to buld strenth in order to hold on.
2-> the habit of going anywhere at any time needs to be broken.