POTW 15 May- 21 May

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POTW 15 May- 21 May

This week play time

next week in high chair

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K hopefully this isnt huge. I'll try to fix it if it is.

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He gets really mad when his big brother starts doing all the bits for him because he can do it himself Smile

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I've missed a few POTWs because of school and/or not having one. So, here's a bunch to make up for it!

Pool time today! This bathing suit is sized 18 months, fits her perfectly, and she's not even wearing her swim diaper under it. Who sizes these things?! Will I seriously need a size 2T suit for her by the end of the summer?!

You can see her toy pile quite nicely in this one. I'm working on containing it.

Fun with toys from Grandma! My dogs chewed on a few of the blocks today. I could kill them.

Fun with Kitty!