POTW 17 - 23 Jul

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POTW 17 - 23 Jul

This week with sippy/cup

Next week pulling funny face

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DS only likes straw sippy cups with water. And they're mostly a teething toy these days. lol.

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aww Smile
I have never tried straw sippys. I need to make a sippy supply and see what chloe likes.

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I feel bad that I haven't been participating in these POTW threads. I love them.

She has better sippy cups than that thing, but I haven't taken any pictures of it.

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I don't even have a sippy for Sophie yet!! Eep!! I better get on that Smile I know she LOVES to steal DD1's straw sippy Blum 3 Maybe tomorrow I'll get her one of her own Smile

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Missed last weeks.....outside.

With a sippy cup....

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This one is from a few weeks ago when my mom visited.

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He's not actually drinking from it, he was too busy with his banana (which is a luxury here, they are $14/kg at the moment, but these were sugar banana's and a perfect baby size and only $2.50 a kg and home grown.