POTW 5 June 11 June

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POTW 5 June 11 June

This week it's "reading" a book

Next week Outdoors

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I took this pic because he looked funny in the hat Lol but it's the only pic I've got of him with a book anywhere near him

ETA: Please don't look at the horrendous sofa Smile We are going to get a new one when small people are less likely to spill Lol

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I guess you can't really see the book, but that's what he was doing here!

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DS loves books. Sometimes he even looks at them before eating them. Lol

Age appropriate reading, no? Wink

(he likes to take all the books off of the bottom shelf of my bookcase)

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Jackie - haha, what kind of books are you reading him?! Blum 3

Sarah - LOVE the hat!

How sad is it that I don't think I have ANY pictures of Lucas w/ books? I swear we have tons, but I guess I don't leave many out where he can play w/ them (i.e. eat them).