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when are kids too old to be put in a stroller? when they can't fit anymore? when their feet are dragging on the ground?:p Whenever we go somewhere we usually have him restrained in the buggy or his stroller. Otherwise we spend the whole trip chasing after him but I see so many little kids walking with their parents or holding their hand and think wtf? lol. There is the odd time we will let him walk or run around but it turns into a mess. We are going to the fair next month and it will be a huge pain to take his stroller but i don't feel comfortable with him walking. I also don't have any kind of wrap for his age and he isn't used to it either. Sometimes i just feel like i am restraining him too much

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Well, all kids are different. We use an Ergo (backpack style carrier) for things like fairs, and it works great because I can let her run around and then when it's not working (for her or for me) I can just carry her for a while. Ergos (and similar) are great because the up/down/up/down is super easy, and when she's NOT being worn, I just have it hanging around my waist. And if she bolts or gets into something, I'm not trying to chase her AND push an empty stroller--I'm free to handle her. But I don't know how he'd react to being carried now having never been carried before...but it's definitely not unheard of. Lots of people use them just for hiking or whatever, and kids do just fine. In fact, they often just love it--it's a novelty! I agree that pushing a stroller around a fair sounds like a huge nightmare.

If you can't or don't want to try a carrier, though, I don't think two is even close to too old for a stroller. When I see six year olds being carted around, I think it's a little weird, sure, but two? Two still bolts and doesn't listen. And two still has mighty short legs that get tired, and two still naps. I don't think you should feel bad about it at all.

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We still use a stroller a lot. As a matter of fact I am looking into appropriate double stroller since I have another on the way. He loves his stroller he has now and still has plenty of room to grow. I do let him walk a lot though when its me and Dh out together so one can handle him and the other handle the stroller. We went to sea world recently and he walked till he tired himself out and then asked to get in the stroller. When we do pur neighborhood daily walks again he will walk partial and let me know when he's tired. A few months back we went to a carnival. It was a somewhat of an inconvenience with the stroller but it was essential once he was tired and when he would eat. I never tried a carrier so I don't know how it would go over with him. Let me know if u try one.

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When I go somewhere and I can not take the stroller, I put a harness on Juliet. Her's looks like puppy backpack. It lets her walk around on her own, but she can not get away from me.

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Well, DS1 has only really just stopped using the stroller. about 3/4 months ago. So he was 3.5. We have a buggy board on the back of Tobey's stroller for DS1 to stand on when we go out. He is perfectly capable of walking everywhere but he's lazy and moans so it's easier just to have him on the buggy board. I have a harness for Tobey when we are somewhere he can walk but when we are going out somewhere it's 99% of the time all day so he needs a nap so we need the stroller.

I think if we had another baby I would get a carrier but it's a lot easier for him to nip in and out of a stroller rather than me carrying him and him moaning to get down then moaning to get back up again

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He's no where near too old for a stroller! If you don't bring one and aren't wanting to BW, I'd use one of those cute backpacks with the harness. Wink Two year olds aren't trustworthy in my experience. lol
We're one of those people you'd see letting the 2 year old walk and hold our hand. But then as soon as he takes off running and goes nuts, a carrier amazingly finds it's way out and then we're the weird people putting a baby on the back. Lol Yesterday I used a bag that holds my essentials and a folded up wrap. Aiden stayed with us for awhile, but when he got to be super annoying toddler I pulled out the warp and threw him on my back. The mom behind us in line for the miniature train said she wondered how we were getting along without a stroller because she never goes anywhere without one even if it's just her 3 year old.
The key is to do what works for you and don't worry about being restrained too much as long as you give toddlers time out to explore at some point (so as long as he's not buckled in the whole 6 house at a fair, he's fine and you're fine).

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We let them walk, use a stroller and Babywear. just whatever works for that place/time/mood. My 3 year old still definitely needs to either be worn or stroller. He can't make it all day walking at all yet.

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I would absolutely bring a stroller to a fair. There was an annual festival at DH's hometown this weekend and I wore Kole and pushed Lyla in the stroller. It is a hassle at times with the stroller, but a necessary one IMO.

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I would bring my BOB to a fair if I didn't feel like BWing. I would not bring an umbrella-style stoller if the ground is mostly dirt. If its the kind of fair that is mostly paved, then an umbrella type stroller would be fine and maybe preferable because it can be stowed more easily. He is definitely NOT too old for a stroller. I'm a hardcore BWer but I use my stroller from time to time with no qualms. I just used it yesterday to tote Teagan & Adair to the insect festival. There's no way I could have gotten both of them there safely (and in time for the festival) walking. Teagan absolutely insisted to sit in her stroller (because its a novelty that she doesn't see all that often) and I'm very very grateful that Adair had no issue popping right up on my back. She kinda gave me this look like "Whaaaaaat?" at first but she was happy as a clam and babbling about the insects we were going to see within about 5 seconds.

I recommend looking into a BWing solution because that will make dealing with him & Next Baby Wink so much easier. I wouldn't go out and buy an Ergo and expect him to be happy in it all day at a fair after never being worn.

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I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said, but we have a Joovy Caboose Ultralight (stroller with a bench seat in the back) and my 5 yo still likes to sit (or stand on the platform by the seat).