Q to BTDT moms about PTing

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Q to BTDT moms about PTing

When you PTd your kids, did you night train and day train at the same time or were they separate efforts?

Teagan is getting really good at using her potty all by herself during the day but she wakes up with a soaked diaper every morning. Since she's FINALLY STTN at least half the time I'm not messing with night time anything any time soon. When we take the plunge and go full force with PTing (probably around her 2nd birthday) will night time just kinda go with it or is that typically a whole other battle?

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When we PT'd DS it was all or nothing for us. He didn't have any problems overnight though, he always woke up dry from naps and in the morning. I think it all depends on the kid though. Some have a harder time with sleeping and PTing than others and you'll just have to assess the situation when it arises.

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Most people I know who PT on the early side are just talking about day training (it's what my mom did with my sister and I). Staying dry at night is biological function and there's not much IMO that we can do to speed that on along. Each kid will reach that stage at a different time. Some will do it quickly, others won't till much later.

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I don't really mind keeping her in night time diapers (heck, I don't mind keeping her in daytime diapers) for quite a while to come. I'm just curious if treating them separately leads to confusion. Though if lots of parents do then I guess its not a big deal.

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For us it was seperate. Potty trained 100 percent during the day first, after a few months we tackled night time potty training but that always isnt a given in the early stages. We did diapers at night and then slowly stop using them. We did this by cutting out night time drinks, making sure used the potty right before bed, and got them up before they awoke themselves. My son still has accidents in the am.

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It probably depends on the kid, but for us it is separate. DD1 PTed during the day at 2 1/2 yrs but only shortly after her 4th bday was she night trained. I think unless you are willing to wake up multiple times at night and take her to the potty, then you might be able to do it, but in my experience night training is more of a development thing. They not only have to hold their bladder, they have to wake when it's full, get out of bed and get to the potty.

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I did PT when my kids wanted to. Which was 3 for DS and 3.5 for DD.
They both woke up and said they didn't want to wear diapers. No accidents, nothing:0)
My MIL had a fit about it, but I hate to push them when they aren't ready.

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I was only going to day train. I was not going to put any stress on night training. However, after 2 days he woke up dry and said nappies were for babies and that was that.

ETA he was 28 months old

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I din't pt DS for over night. At some point he consistantly woke up dry and we ditched the pullups.

As for Juliet, when she wakes up at night, I often take her potty. She wakes up dry in the morning. When she is in a good mood. I send her to daycare with her overnigh diaper that is still dry. She has a temper, when she is in a bad mood, she will not have anything to do with the potty.