a quick baby story

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a quick baby story

I was going to hit 39 weeks this week and was facing induction because I had numerous ptl issues and they were also worried about size. I had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday. Since I was facing induction I spent Monday getting lots of things done since i didnt know how soon he would schedule induction. I grocery shopped.. Xmas shopped.. and I baked Xmas cookies for hours.

At 330 in the morning I had to pee. When I got off the bed I immediately felt tons of pain and pressure. I peed and contractions started. With in 15 minutes the contractions were two minutes apart. By 430 I had woke dh. We took ds with us so mil could meet us there to watch him. In the car the contractions were coming fast and furious. Dh didn't want me to scare ds with my moaning so he cranked the kids Christmas carols CD up. I will forever remember hearing my son sing frosty the snowman while I breathed through my contractions.

I got to the hospital and was checked in triage and was at a 5 and water was bulging with contractions 3 minutes apart. I got checked into the room and was dehydrated so I got hooked up to an iv. I progressed to 7 and then I agreed to them breaking my water. Once Ithey did that I was at a 10 within 20 minutes. I pushed him out in 20 minutes. Only needed one stitch for a tiny tear. He came in at 8lbs 10 oz 21 inches long.

I never posted ds1 birth story but it was not pleasant. I was induced ..agreed to an epidural that did not work and made me sick and I pushed forever. So pleased with the experience.

Baby is nursing like a champ.

Thank u for your all's thoughts and well wishes.

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What a great birth story, I'm so glad you had a great experience and didn't have to be induced! Sounds like it went super fast! That's great that you only got a small tear even though it went quickly!

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Awesome, Justine! You rocked it!

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That was quick! You did do fantastic! Biggrin

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I love that birth story--especially the Frosty the Snowman detail Wink Congrats again!!!

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CONGRATS! So happy things went well for you!

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Congratulations! So glad you had a much better 2nd birth!

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Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful birth! Frosty the Snowman will never be the same for you . . . Wink

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Yay!! That sounds like a great story. That would have been a great scene in the car to see. Congratulations!!