Race is done..OT

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Race is done..OT

I did my half marathon, and that felt more like a marathon.. It was pretty rough with the winter advisory for lake effect snow, wind, ice, I mean it was pretty much like a blizzard.The title of the race was called Lake effect and man that was a good title!! :). I did it and feeling pretty proud of myself.. Today I feel like a 1 year trying to learn how to walk again! haha! My knees hurt and my ankles are tight.. Not too sure what will happen around my house today. Kids will probably have to stay in pjs and eat bread!! bhahahaahah!! I dont think I will ever do another winter race but Im already thinking about another half sometime this summer! Smile

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I saw on your FB. I think you are totally crazy for running in those conditions, but I admire you for how much you've been doing to get ready for it and for doing it anyway. I hope you will send me some of your motivation in a few months after I have this baby. You should be very proud of yourself. You did awesome!!

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AWesome job! I wish I had your dedication!!! I hope your knees and ankles are feeling better soon!!! I'm sore after 12 hours on my feet, NOT running in those conditions! I can only try to imagine how your body feels|!

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I can't believe you did that in that weather! Way to be strong girl. I bet running it in good weather is a lot easier. Lol
Congrats! Smile

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WTG! I can't even imagine running in that kind of weather. You go!

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I saw pictures on facebook, you are crazy for even thinking of running in snow (remember I think 15 degrees is freezeing and contemplate hibernation so snow is foreign to me). Congrats and hope you aches are feeling better

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Way to go!!! Good luck on recovering. And I hope you do one in warmer weather.

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Congrats! I saw facebook pictures too! You should be so proud of yourself. Hope your feeling better!