Random curiosity - stockings

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Random curiosity - stockings

Does every member of your family have a stocking? Do the stockings match? If not, do you wish they matched? What do they look like?

All 3 of us have stockings. I need to get one for Zoe still. Mine is one from my childhood - a formal needlepoint one with an angel on it. I bought an angel needlepoint stocking for DH when we got married since his parents had gotten rid of his childhood one. It totally doesn't match mine other than it technically being an angel and needlepoint. Two years ago I found a good deal on a monogrammed needlepoint stocking for Aiden. His has a snowman family. Once again, doesn't match other than it's needlepoint. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with Zoe. Part of me wants pretty matching stockings, but another part of me would cry to get rid of the "first" stockings. I probably shouldn't be thinking about this stuff at 41 weeks pregnant, but what else am I supposed to do? Lol So now I'm curious what everyone else has for stockings!

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I made DH's stocking when we were engaged. DH made mine (well, his mom did), also while we were engaged (for a couple years we did a 'gifts have to be homemade' thing). They sort of match in style. Last year I made the girls matching stockings, which sort of fit in with ours with a similar style. Stockings totally don't have to match, IMO.

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we all have stockings, mine and DH's are with my mom for some reason. She was supposed to bring them last year and she forgot so we probably won't be using them this year either. None of them match, I love mine! My great aunt knitted it for me when I was born it's white with a red trim and it has my name and a snowman on it. After 28 years it is still in excellent condition. DH's is a Toronto maple leafs one that my mom bought for him, and I can't even remember Lucas' I got it last year, i think it is just plain red and I wrote his name on it with glitter glue.

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When I was little, we all had similar ones, mine had a cat, moms a snowman & Dads a santa. After I got married and moved out she got the same red & gold ones for everyone.
Now at home here I have a solid red, DH solid navy and Madison has a pink one with her name wrote on it in puff paint. Id love to get matching ones especially with needlepoint at sometime.

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Last year I bought a set of monogrammed ones for the three of us. Now I'm probably going to get the kids matching ones and leave me and Dh with the monogrammed ones. We got a dog this past year and Dh recently asked me if I was getting one for her....

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The first year DH and I lived together I made us stockings. The year before last I bought the HUGE ones at a dollar store and wrote our names on them with glitter glue, and got the dogs stockings too. Last year I got a new matching set of 4 for us, again, at the the dollar store, but I didn't write any names on them because we weren't sure yet about Kole's name. The dogs stocking don't match ours or each other, but ours match. We don't have any that we have a sentimental attachment to, so it doesn't matter if I get new ones every year.

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We have cheap stockings that I put our names on with glitter. I'm waiting until we have a name for Sprog and then I'm going to buy nice personalized knit stockings on Etsy. I was trying to convince DH to pick a gender neutral name for Sprog so that I could order them this year. He didn't go for it. Wink

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We all have stockings, and none of them match. I don't really care if they match right now, especially since next Christmas there will be 6 of us, so I will worry about ordering or making special matching ones once we are one big happy family! Smile I know Lily's is a big fuzzy pink & white one, I think Lucas' is a big fuzzy red & white one, and I honestly can't at all remember what mine looks like, even though I've used it for at least the last 3 years. I actually don't put anything in mine, it's more for show with the kids. My mom still does a stocking for me at her house every year, she still has a complete matching set for all of us. And I do have a stocking for the cats. It's shaped like a fish, lol Biggrin

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DH, myself and DS all have needlepoint stockings - I made mine and DH's and my father made DS's. He is currently making DD's (2 years later). Other than all being sentimental and needlepoint they do not match and I'm okay with that!

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I totally do not think they need to match. Mine and DH's are both from childhood, and I made Addy one last year (sewn, not knit). There is nothing at all about them that matches except that they are all Christmas stockings with some kind of red and green color scheme. Smile

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Mine is a knitted one I had from being a child. DH's is also a knitted one with his name on it. From what I can remember (How can I not remember?!?) the boys are both fabric ones with embroidery on. My mum got them both from a charity shop for their 1st Christmas

I really really wish we all had cute matching knitted ones with our initial on or something but I'd imagine we'll just stick to what we've got

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I'm thinking I'm gonna go buy some cheapo stockings that match for us this year (Dollar Tree??? lol) and see about getting some that I like after Christmas on clearance. I'm actually not sentimental about my childhood stocking at all. Maybe that's what I don't like. I'm not excited about seeing it at all like I am other Christmas decorations.

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We currently have matching stockings. They are just the red and white fuzzy ones that I got for .50 on clearance after one Christmas and I wrote our names on them with glitter glue. I have about 20 of them as I bought them to use as gift bags for future Christmases, so we can have matching stockings no matter how many kids we add on, lol!

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Right now, ours match. They are red and white with a black "Santa Belt" across them. I got our names monogrammed on them before the Christmas that we had Evan. I have a friend that has stockings with the same colors, but none match. I really liked how they looked when hung up. We don't have any early childhood stockings, so no big deal to switch things around.