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random questions

So a weird conversation with Dh led me to some ?'s.

What do you call your in-laws? By their first name or Mr or Mrs so and so... or does anyone call them mom or dad?

What various names do your kids call their grand parents?

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I call my MIL by her first name. Hubby calls my parents by their first names. My Mum calls my Dad's parents Mum and Dad.

Ronin calls my Dad Grandad, MIL is Grandma ( I think seeing as we hardly see her and she wants Ronin to use her first name which I said no way in hell to) and my Mum is Mormor

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"BuckeyeK" wrote:

I try to avoid calling my IL's anything. lol.

this Blum 3

I call them by their first name and DH calls mine by their first name. My mom used to call my dads parents mom and dad and i always thought it was sweet. It totally depends on the relationship though.

Lucas hasn't really called them anything yet, he doesn't see either of them enough really to associate i think. We refer to my parents as grandma and grandpa though and DH's as avo and ava.

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I call my ILs mom and dad, but I honestly just try to avoid calling them anything when I can. My husband calls my parents by their first names. I feel awkward calling my ILs by their first names when no one else uses them.

My ILs are Grandma and Grandpa. My parents are Nana and Pops. My mom chose Nana. I hate it. I started calling my dad Pops like 10 years ago and he decided it was a good grandparent name. They didn't want to confuse Aiden with them being called similar to Grandma and Grandpa.

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My MIL spoke to me before we were married. She said to call her whatever made me most comfortable. Her other DIL called her Mom. (She had no mother) All the many grandchildren called her Gam or Gammie. I called her by her name, Vashti. We were both comfortable with it. I think it was great that she brought it up right away and there was no awkwardness.

In my case, I am called Nana Marie. I sort of chose it.(Actually DH suggested it.) My step grandson has so many grandparents....and he calls them Grampa Don, Gramma Jean, etc etc etc etc. Neither DH nor I wanted to be added to those long lists, so I chose the Nana route. DH's grandfather was called "Daddy Clyde" and so he chose to be "Daddy Ric".

We asked DSIL to call us whatever was comfortable too. I think he tends to avoid any name, but he refers to us as Daddy Ric and Nana Marie. I'm not sure what Sarahsunshine calls her in laws. Probably Gramma Jean, Grampa Don etc...

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My mil's annoying husband (not dh's dad) calls his mil mom and she hates it! Lol. I just call my mil by her first name. Dh calls my parents by first names too. My grandma was here for thanksgiving and she made a comment about how she thinks it is rude that we use first names.

Ds calls his grandparents grandma and grandpa but mil has decided she now wants something different but now I think its too confusing...

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DH calls my parents by their first names. I go back and forth between calling FIL by his name and just Dad. I used to call MIL Mom or nothing at all. It was my way of feigning anything other than disdain.

Teagan so rarely sees her grandparents that we haven't really settled on names yet. She gets free reign since she's the first grandchild on either side. She decided on her own that my Dad and his GF are Baba and Bubby. My Dad doesn't really like Baba and would prefer to be just Grandpa. His GF likes Bubby and its really kinda funny because she's Jewish and Bubby is a traditional name for grandmother. I'm just happy that she calls them anything and remembers who I'm talking about because she only sees them every 4-6 months. She called my FIL Papa last time he was here but that's confusing because DH likes to be called Papa. We're working on morphing it into Papa Steve. She doesn't call my Mom anything yet because she hasn't seen her in almost a year and likely has no idea who she is. I'm sure she'll either come up with something cute or we'll settle on something when she's here later this month.

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I call his parents by their first names. He calls my parents Mom & Dad.

Madison calls my parents Mamma & Pap-Pap- DH's parents are Mamaw & papaw (which is what THEY wanted)

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DH and I call all the in-laws by their first names. Addy's the youngest on her dad's side, so those grandparent names were long established: Mimi and Bill (actual MIL & her partner), Poppy and JanJan (actual FIL & SMIL), and JayJay (ex-SFIL who is still family)

On my side, she is the only grandkid, but my mom picked her own name: Granna (although for a long time Addy called her "DaDeeDa" but she seems to be growing out of it now). My dad passed away seven years ago. She calls my mom's husband Dave and she doesn't call my ex-SF anything yet since she's only met him a handful of times but I refer to them as "Grandpa Dave" and "Grandpa Art"...we'll see what she takes to as she grows up.

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I call my IL's by their first names. And DH calls my parents by their first names too

And the kids call both their Grandma's Nana and both their Grandad's Grandad. They call their Great Grandma on DH's side "Big Nana" and Great Grandma on my side Grandma Lily

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This is a cool thread. I like seeing everyone's responses.

i call my MIL by her name and my father in law I call Pops, which is what everyone else calls him. His nickname is Whitey so I use that one a lot too but that gets confusing because all the boys (6 of them) are also called Whitey by their friends but when FIL is around HE is Whitey (so confusing!) which is why I stick to Pops mostly. DH calls my parents by their name. I call my stepdad Pappy though. Him and my dad had the same first names and it was weird to me so I started calling him that when he and mom got married, my dads been dead 8 years now but I still use it.

Kids call my parents mammy and pappy and IL's Grandma (cookie) and Papaw. I thought it was funny when DS1 would call my MIL grandma cookie so I encouraged it, she didn't think it was as funny but then Clara did it all on her own (DS1 hasn't called her that since Clara was big enough to understand) so she is now Grandma Cookie to Clara. (she is a cookie baking fool and ALWAYS has cookies in the house for the kids, it's the first thing anyone does when they get there, search for the cookies LOL)

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DH and I both call our in-laws by their first names.

My in-laws are Grandma and Grandpa. Rowan is their first (and only) grandchild, and she's never had a problem pronouncing the words. My parents are called Nana and Grandpa Bubba. I don't mind the Nana, but I hate the name Bubba. That's how my nephew mispronounced Grandpa 15 years ago, and for some reason it stuck. We actually had a bit of an argument about it, and the compromise is adding the Grandpa in front of the Bubba. DH hates both of those names, but Nana wasn't a battle worth fighting.

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I don't have any in-laws. DH's mom is passed away and his dad isn't in the picture. My mom is passed away too but DH calls my dad "Mel's Dad" or "Grandpa". LOL!

The kids call my dad Grandpa. My uncle and aunt are called Papa and Mimi because their second cousins picked those names for their grandparents and it's simpler to just use them!

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Yeah, Mimi was originally a mispronunciation of Grammy, which stuck (which I'm glad about because my grandma is Grammy, and she is still alive and lives here, so that's what Addy calls her too. It would be confusing if we had 2!)

It's funny to see the ones where we had to fight Smile My mom tried to get Addy to stick with DaDeeDa because she thought it was adorable, but I hated it so I just kept saying Granna and now that she can pronounce it that's what she's saying too. My mom can't be too mad about that since she's the one who picked it in the first place. Smile

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Before Evan, I tried to not call them anything at all. If I had to, I would use first names. When they call, to let me know who it is, as if I don't have caller ID on the cell, they will call themselves Mr. Don or Ms. Suzanne. Now that Evan is here, I just go with what he calls them. DH calls my parents by their first names. To Evan, my parents are Meme and Pa, my real dad is Papa. DH's parents are Nene and Pa Paw.