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i noticed tonight that Lucas had these marks on his back when i was giving him his bath. It's hard to tell, but it looks like red lines and when you look closer, they look dry. I was thinking eczema? or one of these possibilities

1. we went to the beach sunday and sand was all up his back and irritated him
2. when we got home from the beach i threw a load of clothes in the laundry and some of his stuff was mixed in. i forgot to use baby detergent and just used regular and he wore the onesie that was in there today
3. food allery
4. he spends a lot of his day now scooting across the floor on his back.

what do you think?? it doesn't seem to be bothering him

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Aiden has been getting irritations from rolling and crawling around in just a diaper. So my guess is a mix of scooting on his back and the sand. Since he's not bothered I'd just keep an eye on it.

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Yeah, Lucas also has a little rash right now. I think it is a combination of his diaper and clothes rubbing on him while he is crawling around, and the heat. Your laundry detergent might be bothering him too. I always notice that my 2 tend to break out when I use regular detergent on their stuff.

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Could be from scooting. Teagan gets dry red patches on her shins from kicking her legs around when she's sitting. It sorta looks like a dry sun burn. I put a little lotion on it occasionally.

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Looks more like carpet or sand or something that was bothering just that area. Kinda looks like when my DH gets sweaty in a shirt with screen print logo on the back and gets a rash. Laundry stuff usually is all over and eczema is more common in the skin folds and looks a little different. I'm glad its not bothering him.