Re-arranging my kitchen...

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Re-arranging my kitchen...

Yes, I'm THAT bored Lol

Our kitchen is a big square, but the cupboards are shaped like a 7 (but not on an angle, work w me!! Blum 3 ) I've always been prorammed that all your food goes together and all your dishes/glasses go together... that DOES make sense right? And I've been programmed that your dishes go over and by your sink. I feel like my kitchen right now is WAY outta sync...

Let me describe starting at the tip of the 7...
Cupboard 1 (Above fridge) - Baking goods
Cupbard 2 & 3 (double sized) - Pastas, soups, boxes of food, cans of food... etc
Cupboard 4 - Tea/coffee, sugar, honey, maple syrup
CORNER cupboard (no door) Tassimo disks set up all pretty Lol

Now are at the right side of the top of the 7 & down...
Cupboard 6 - GLASSES
Cupboards 7 & 8 (Above microwave) - Junk food
Cupboards 9 & 10 (double sized) - Plates/bowls/coffee mugs
Cupboard 11 (no door) - Spices (in the process of being pretty-ied up)
Cupboard 12 & 13 (double size, above sink) - Excess glasses
Cupboard 14 - Baby stuff (such as bottles, cereal) & Medicine

This for whatever reason is NOT working for me... I feel like some of the stuff is sloppily placed and it's driving me crazy!! I was thinking about taking ALL of the dishes & glasses and putting them on the smaller section of our kitchen (right by the fridge to the corner) and then putting all the food along the long side... but I'm not sure if that makes no sense... So I'm stuck... what do you ladies think?!

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hmmm...i am trying to follow you, but it's hard LOL I am visual.

what do you have more of? dishes or food? i wouldn't like it all mixed up together either. they are separate here as well.

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You have too much time on your hands girl!

And you've lost me, we need some pics!

I hate my frickin' kitchen. It had to have been designed by a man, because it makes no sense and I have very limited storage space and the tiniest cabinets ever! So I don't even bother with trying to organize it that well. Though I do have all the food together and the dishes together closer to the dishwasher/sink. Totally makes sense!

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ETA: You would hate my kitchen. Nothing is arranged where it makes sense. We have cabinets of various sizes and the plates only fit in one cabinet, so that's where they go. Silverware only fits in one drawer, but of course it's no where near my dishes. I have cups in two separate cabinets and they're about 6 feet apart! Feel better about your kitchen now?

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Totally need pics for this one too. I hate it when the kitchen isn't working though so I feel you. I'm currently harboring what I'll call the 2 'black cabinets' with mugs & baking stuff along with a load of other 'crap' that gets hidden in there at the last minute before I have clients arrive.

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Yep, pics needed. I spaced out by Cupboard 2. My kitchen is the worst. My bottom cabinets have no shelves in them. The previous owner took them out. Everything is just all jumbled up in them.

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Welllllllll no point in posting pics ladies... DF came home and told me to put everything back the way it was - LOL - he couldn't find anything!! Soooooo everything is back the way it was, driving me crazy.... Blum 3

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Rearrange it anyways! Lol