really need to vent.

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really need to vent.


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I'm so sorry sweetie! I really am. I would be angry too. Have you tried talking to her at all about it? What does your dad say?

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I am so sorry. This would be really hard to deal with.

I don't blame you for finding the situation odd. It really is - your mom and dad's marriage ending over a friend she met on the internet, and she has only known this friend for a year. Something just does not quite make sense about the whole situation. So sorry and I hope you find some answers someday and eventually find some peace. I know it will take time! Maybe you can try talking to both your mom and dad separately?

(And I do remember you mentioning this friend before and thinking the situation was a bit odd at that time. If I remember correctly, your mom was wanting the friend to watch your LO after she moves here).

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That totally is hard to deal with. Feel free to vent away. We are all here to listen and support. That's right, is that the friend your mom suggested you have watch Lucas when you go back to work?

The relationship she has with that woman does seem a little odd. Especially when its to the point of ending a long marriage. Do you feel like her friend has alterior motives beyond friendship? I hate to put that out there out of respect for you but maybe that is part of what seems so odd about the whole situation. I had to reread what you wrote a couple of times but that is what really jumps out to me.

I'm so sorry hun. I would be very torn up about the situation too and need to talk it out.

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I think that your feelings are entirely justified and you are completely entitled to them. I don't want to be negative about your mother, but it seems she is being a bit selfish in the instance with this friend. I also agree that the relatioship seems odd. Obviously, I don't know all the reasons behind the separation. There must be a reason your mother is behaving differently around this woman. Do you feel this woman has some influence on your mother?

If the woman moves in with your mom, there is no reason that you should HAVE to treat her like family. She is an outsider. You might treat her like a guest, but I wouldn't say that you need to accept her as part of your family.

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Im sorry you are having to hurt like this. I was so little when my parents divorced so I dont really even remember what it felt like but when my mom and stepdad divorced( because of her) I was so angry!! I think your moms relationship with this women does sound really wierd.. Do you know how she met her through the internet? I feel bad that maybe it could of been salvaged if she turned her sights on fixing the relationship with your dad instead of building one with this friend.

I think you need to be totally honest to your mom about how you feel. There really is no point to hide these feelings because you will feel like this for a long time and even though you are grown it doesnt mean anything. You still love your parents like you were a child. Tell her why their split is bothering you and if you have questions try to get them answered. This is the only way you will ever find closure. I hope that in ther future they may realize the split wasnt a good idea and they decide to get back together. That is eventually what happened with my mom and stepdad.

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Yes, very odd friendship there. My first thought was that it's more than friendship. Sad I know I would be very frustrated and confused if I were in your shoes. Just keep being honest when asked. ((more hugs))

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:openarms: I'm really, really sorry you are dealing with this.

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So sorry.
I would be ticked also...esp w/ her moving in?! WTH?!
It sounds so bizarre! Hang in there...vent away!
I would try talking to your dad...and then your mom...and see what they say about all of it.

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It sounds very odd to me as well. No advice but :bigarmhug: I am sorry you have to go through this Sad

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I'm really sorry this is all happening Sad