Remember me?

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Remember me?

I don't think I even posted pics from when I had Lexie and today she is 6 months old! I have occasionaly lurked but don't post much. Lexie is doing awesome and is such a content and loving baby. I hope all of your LO's are healthy and happy. I hope to not be such a stranger! Smile

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Love the pics in your siggy! What adorable happy girls. Smile

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Thanks for the update, glad to hear Lexie is doing great!

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I do remember you. I'm glad that Lexie is such a good and happy baby! You should come and hang out more!

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So glad to hear from you! Lexie is a little cutie pie. Hope you have some extra time to come and visit more often Smile

Happy half birthday to your little girl!

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Omgosh! You all look so fantastic Smile Lexie is beyond adorable in your siggy!! Good to see all is well in your neck of the woods!!!

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What a cutie pie! Nice to see you here again. Smile

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Good to see you! What a cutie she is!

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what cute girls. :wavehello: