A Road Trip in the Life of Teagan Tesla

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A Road Trip in the Life of Teagan Tesla

I put it up on FB but I think I'm not "friends" with some of you so here it is. Pics from our family road trip.


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I saw them on FB...LOVED THEM ALL!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!! I loved the family picture...You will remember those forever:0)

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I'm glad you posted the link here because according to FB with me logged in you didn't post anything. :roll:

You got some FANTASTIC pictures though and it looks like it was a relaxing trip. And you totally rocked that ring sling back carry. Want a new ring sling so you can keep doing that fantasticness???? Wink

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Yeah...it's not showing on my feed, or when I even go to your wall. Weirdness. Okay, looking at pics now....


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I'm glad you posted them here because I am not on facebook at all. It looks like a fantastic trip and you got some incredibly cute pictures! I love the picture where Teagan is grabbing the piglet. And your niece is adorable-talk about baby fever!

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Great trip and great pics!