Ronin has a new trick

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Ronin has a new trick

Multi tasking, especially getting into everything he shouldn't be while eating. I popped him down with a piece of broccoli last night while I finished making my dinner. I can see him fairly well from the kitchen so check on him often, between checks he manged to pull a vase over to him which I hadn't realised was even there, and start playing with it while munching on his broccoli. Later he tried reaching for a toy, still with his broccoli because he wasn't giving it up, and almost got into a crawling position.

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Trouble has made it's way to your house!

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LOL! Oh my!! Looks like you're in for a wild ride Smile

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Oh yeah he is going to be Mummy's little troublemaker. He likes to study what other people do so even though he doesn't reach milestones early when he gets it he knows what to do and goes straight for it. He also tries so hard to be older than he actually is. My parents swear he is going to be TROUBLE and too smart for his own good.

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What a lil' stinker! That picture is so cute. :mrgreen:

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Tobey can reach anything, I'm not sure how he does it when he can't move Smile