Rpowt - 7/30/12

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Rpowt - 7/30/12

I thought maybe we could do a random picture of the week. . . you in? Great! Biggrin

So this week:

Your wedding ring/s!

Do you love it? If you had it to do again, would you chose the same one?

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I sometimes think I should have picked the full carot version, but I would never wear it. I don't even wear this one regularly and anything bigger would surely just get hung on everything and annoy me. I'm not a jewelry person and very rarely wear any at all.

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Ours are matching titanium with a white gold band. If I did it again I'd have the same wedding ring but I'd want a different engagement ring. It's super plain which I still love but it was more my style 7 years ago when we got engaged lol

Anyway, this is what it looks like

This is what my engagement ring looks like, only shiny like the wedding ring

This is what I really wanted for my engagement ring but it was way out of DH's price range at the time lol

Also, I tried to take a photo of my rings now but it's dark and all you could see is the flash on the diamond lol

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Bad self phone photo of my ring set right now:
Far left is my wedding band. Thin white gold.
Middle is the anniversary band I got for our anniversary last year. It's in the middle because it's too big and being in the middle keeps it from falling off or spinning around. lol
Last is my engagement ring. I should take a side photo of it - it's what I love most about it!

ETA: side photo.

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Well, I just looked through our wedding photos, and the photographer only took one of DH's band. Mine's the same, though, just MUCH thinner. Also his is white gold and mine is platinum (to match my engagement ring).

I adore my plain band, since I never ever have to take it off. I wish my engagement ring wasn't so huge, so I could actually wear it. It's gorgeous, but when it comes right down to it, I'm just not a fancy person. Something simpler and more practical would have suited me better in the long run. Oh well, it was a family heirloom diamond, so at least it's super meaningful, and I do have something gorgeous to break out for special events!

Here's the best pic of that I could find...my mom putting my necklace on before the wedding. You can't see it REALLY well, but the setting is similar to Jackie's--crossed on the side (I love that too!)

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Here's a pic from our wedding. Not my favorite ring pic (my photographer took some sick pics) but one I have access to at the moment.

My wedding band is simple paladium. My engagement ring is lab-synthesized (real but man made, if that makes sense) blue and white sapphires set in paladium. That's DH's original tungsten band that he tried to loose a dozen times (because its too big) before we got him a new one.

Ooh, ooh! Found one of her sick ones! It gives a nice side profile.

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What an awesome photo!

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please ignore my fat man hands

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I know I just posted my engagement ring recently, but I'll post it again b/c I love it so much. Biggrin We haven't picked our wedding bands yet, we will probably do that a few months before the wedding. I definitely want something that won't overshadow my engagement ring, but haven't looked at styles yet.

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Fun to see everyone's rings! Here's mine with wedding band, engagement and anniversary ring together!

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Love them all! Pretty pretty pretty.

I think if I had to do it over, I'd want something like yours for the engagement part, Anna, and still just my plain metal one for the wedding. I love to look at pretty jewelry but I really just don't feel very comfortable wearing it, unless I am getting fancy for a reason. Veronica and Erin, I also really love yours! I think I must be into the 3 stone thing. Who knew Smile