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RQOT Evening

Erin's repose to a thread in the CDing board got me thinking....

Do you use a diaper bag or a purse or nothing at all? Which one? What do you carry around in your bag/purse/whatever?

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I just carry around a purse. I used to carry around a large purse but have found that I can get away with some of my smaller before baby purses now. All I keep on me is my wallet, keys, cell phone, small thing of eye drops for my contacts, a onesie, small wet bag, one diaper (usually a pocket but I'm thinking about making flats be my going out diaper), small travel wipes, disposable changing mat (somebody gave me a package of these and I reuse till dirty), and my pocket point and shoot camera. Sometimes I'll throw in my nursing cover depending on where I'll be (I'm not a big fan of Mexican men staring at DS nursing). I keep an extra diaper or two in my car where I have more wipes, a fancy mat, etc. I really don't know what else people drag around with them other than maybe a bottle. I couldn't fill up a diaper bag if I tried! lol.

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I only carry if I'm going somewhere other than school without Teagan. We're using our Go GaGa bag currently. We have an over-packing problem. It usually contains 3-4 prefolds, 1-2 covers, wetbag, container w/ wipes, extra snappi, a few toys, a cup of puffs, my wallet, extra outfit for Monkey, butt cream, sunscreen, and a pad for me (because I'm terrified of AF starting at any moment).

I am SO jealous of you ladies who manage to leave the house with a cute bag. I just can't figure out how to do it! I've recently replaced the prefolds, covers, and snappi with just two pockets and two backup sposies. We never go through more than 2 diapers on a trip out. Why do I always carry so many dang diapers?!!?

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I've heard a lot of baby wearers love that diaper bag Erin. But it's the size of an overnight bag to me! lol.

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I dislike diaper bags.. I have always used a purse. Usually I make a point of buying a larger sized purse big enough to fit diapers/wipes/ my stuff and anything extra I need. Has always worked out for me..

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All the above. I have a fully stocked diaper bag in the van at all times. I also have my overpacked purse in the car at all times. I keep a purse bag in there as well. If we go into somewhere I throw my wallet, cell phone, keys, a diaper for each kid, wipes, bib, and sippy's in the purse bag and head in.

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I have a skip hop bag from DS1 that I love and use all the time. Its messanger style. I always keep 2 diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, socks, nursing cover, a few toys, snacks, sun screen, panty liners, chapstick, hand sanitizer, wallet, and my business cards in there. It sounds like a ton but it really is light and very compact. Fits on the back of our BOB perfectly too. I keep extra clothes, diapers, wipes, & toys, in a storage compartment in our van.

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If we are just up town for an hour or doing groceries etc it's just my handbag, any longer and it;s the nappy bag.

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i have a diaper bag and a purse. my diaper bag is a fairly big size and it is almost always full. i have a lot of crap in there lol. Hat, sunscreen, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, bottles

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I am amazed at what some of you will spend on baby gear. I can't in good conscience spend $400 on a stroller or $100 on a diaper bag. I guess growing up at poverty level does that to you.

I made my diaper bag. I have a Jeep diaper bag I paid $20 for but it's so huge that we use it as a travel bag for her. I usually have about 5 or so diapers in there with some puffs, toys, wipes, butt cream, a change of clothes, spit up rags, a bottle of milk (I don't nurse in public) and then my cell and wallet usually.

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I carry the diaper bag still whenever Evan is with me, and we are going out for more than 20-30 minutes. I usually have a few diapers, bottle, toys, changing mat, wipes, bags for poopy diapers, onesie, and my wallet. If I'm without him, my purse or wallet only. Since he's getting bigger though, I will probably just start putting a few of his things in an oversized purse.

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I have a diaper bag and a purse... my purse is so tiny that it only fits my wallet and keys... nothing more... and my wallet is tiny... LOL... We just use the diaper bag that Nestle sends out to all new moms, it's a black n green one... It's usually pretty full... LOL

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We keep a diaper bag in the car with extra stuff for everyone, and I usually use a backpack for my purse/diaper bag. It's the only free space left on my body, since I've got one kid attached to the front and one in each hand!

I keep a muslin blanket, 4 diapers ( 2 size 4 & 2 size 6), wipes, baby food, cereal, crackers for older boys, a couple toys, a Bible, iPhone, iPod, wallet, keys, breath mints, & Burt's Bees lip balm.
And my DSLR, if we are going somewhere special.

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After three kids, I *finally* have found what I wish I had found in the beginning.

I use a purse for when I don't have Emma with me, and she has a super cute Hello Kitty pink backpack (full-sized) that I now use as her diaper bag. GENIUS! I wish I had thought of it earlier! I think she was around five months old when I thought to buy a backpack cuz I was sick of the diaper bag strap sliding off my shoulder and feeling all together awkward. It has been a GODSEND! It distributes the weight super evenly, has the pockets on the sides for her bottle and my cell phone and keys, and has plenty of room inside. Plus it's WAY cuter than any diaper bag I've seen, and FAR cheaper! Total win, total total total win. I highly recommend.

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"jolly11sd" wrote:

I have a skip hop bag from DS1 that I love and use all the time.

I got a Skip Hop for my shower and we HATED it. It was way too small. Our prefolds are bulky and in the early days we really did have to take like 8 diapers with us wherever we went. After a few weeks the thing started to fall apart.

"AnnaRO" wrote:

I am amazed at what some of you will spend on baby gear. I can't in good conscience spend $400 on a stroller or $100 on a diaper bag. I guess growing up at poverty level does that to you.

Just have to search for the good deals!! I got the Go GaGa bag on Babysteals for 50% off! The $400 stroller was a different story .... Hey, but we don't have cable, we share a car, and I haven't purchased clothing other than to replace the stuff that's grown holes in it in years! I feel like that makes up for it Wink