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Rqotd 22/09

How long do you take to get ready in the morning? Before an outing where you might do a bit more to get ready?

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I got this one from reading a facebook conversation between my cousin and her friend from when she cut her hair short and her saying she did it because she got sick of it taking so long to do her hair everyday and now it only took 20 mins. I couldn't believe she thought 20 mins was short for just doing her hair.

For me it takes maybe 20 mins all up, thats hair, brush teeth, get dressed shoes etc.
Going out it might take a bit longer if I add make up in, but I can be ready in 30 mins easily, nearly an hour though if I want to do anything fancy with my hair like curling or straightening (my hair is pretty long, like almost touching my bum long.)

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OK, we get up at 6, we can all be dressed/washed/hair done and downstairs ready for breakfast around 6.45. after everyone has eaten it's probably around 7.15. Then I'd have to get lunch ready for the boys...7.30...and the pushchair sorted and packed...7.45...I think we could be ready to go out by 8! So a couple of hours Smile

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are we talking just ourselves or with baby?:p

if i am just running to the store maybe 15-20 minutes if we are going somewhere anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

with Lucas it's pretty quick maybe 30 minutes? if we both need to get ready it can take longer

what takes so long is my hair. i was born with the worst hair ever and i am never happy with it.

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I have gotten DS and I ready myself and out the door in 30 minutes before. This included me taking a shower. Granted my hair is usually thrown into a pony tail so I don't have to dry it, and I skipped mascara (did have everything else on my face though). If DH comes home randomly at some point during the day (usually for an oddly timed lunch break due to flying schedule) I'll have him "watch" Aiden as I get ready, and I'm back out with clothes and light makeup in 20 minutes. If we have to go somewhere and it's not too terribly early, I give myself an hour because I like to have extra time as an "Aiden got into something I have to clean." I've really gotten fast since having Aiden. lol.

If I'm going to do something nice where I'm picky about my outfit, going to dry my hair, wear mascara, etc it'll take me an hour. I think I'm going to give myself an hour and a half next week for DH's formal graduation dinner (the ILs will be in town and volunteered to babysit!). I want to be the wow wife. I have a very sex dress. :mrgreen:

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If it's just me, say getting ready for work.....30 minutes. But I take my shower at night. If I have to get DS ready too, I give us an hour. If I'm going out and trying to look hot, I give around an hour or 1.5 hours. But that's shower time and time to get ready without rushing. Maybe even painting the nails.

Jackie, you've got to post a pic of you all fixed up in your sex dress.:D

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"stacymh" wrote:

Jackie, you've got to post a pic of you all fixed up in your sex dress.:D

Of course! DH will be in full mess dress, so I'm going to insist on lots of pictures. Will be the 3rd time I've ever seen him in his formal uniform! Smile

ETA: sex dress....:ROFL:

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I've only seen my DH is his formal uniform once, but can I say.....WOW!! Totally hot!!:bigkiss:

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Just to run to the store and just me, I can be ready in 5 minutes or less. If I'm taking Lyla, maybe 10 minutes.

If I'm getting fancy and doing my hair I can be ready in 20 minutes, 30 if I take a shower. I can squeeze Lyla in there too if I have to, but unrushed I would take an extra 15 minutes to get Lyla ready. I'm very low maintenance usually and most of the time I'm standing by the front door with my purse, diaper bag and holding Lyla waiting for DH to finish getting ready so we can go.

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Yeah, what are we talking about here?

Pre-baby, I could be up, showered, breakfast'd, have my bags packed, and out the door in under an hour. Most of that time is eating. I like to lounge when I eat. My hair takes all of 5 minutes when its long. When its short it takes more time because then I actually have to style it.

Post-baby, it takes me a good 2 hours. I've got to get showered, feed everyone (dogs included), change a diaper or two, pack her bags, make lunches and pack my bags. If DH helps a lot I can do it in an hour and a half. If I rush through breakfast maybe an hour. If we're just running to the store I can be out of the house in 5 minutes. Its all the eating and packing for school/work that takes forever.

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For me only to get ready...shower, hair, make-up, dressed...45 minutes.
Mornings w/ the horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, rat, kids...we won't go there.

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For me, to get showered, dressed, blowdryed, breakfast made for everyone and makeup probably like 40 minutes. My family probably takes a good hour and 15 minutes and that is with me getting the younger 2 dressed.. If Im running to the store, 5 minutes.

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It does not take me long at all to get ready. I say between the kids and me it will take us about 15 minutes to get dressed and out the door. I usually do not do anything with myself, sad I know. I will brush my hair and put it up but that is it. If I take longer and straighten my hair it takes at least a hour.. that doesn't happen often lol.

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Pre baby about an hour. With baby about forty minutes. I learned to cut time to include wat i need to do for him.

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Just me, 10 min. (with shower night before)
Just me, 30 min (with shower & having to deal with thick wet hair)

My normal morning in 30 min. I can get myself & both kids dressed, fed, cleaned, and out the door!

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Let's see, I made it out the door from the time we got out of bed (me and 2 LO's) the other day running late for pre-k, feeding DS b-fast and Clara a bottle, brushing my teeth, dressing, don't wear makeup, hat on head, both kids dressed in.......bumbumbum.....22 minutes. I never want to have to do that again though, I was an anxiety filled mess!

Okay, normal, DH is watching the kids while I get ready and they're not all up in my space, 30 minutes with shower to go out, 40 minutes if it's with fancy people, 20 minutes if it's to an outside function. If the kids are all up in my space, it's 40 minutes= shower, hair, teeth, clothes.