Rqotd - 5/18

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Rqotd - 5/18

How do you find time to get on pg.org? Do you get on at the same time everyday? Do you wait for naps? Or are you on here wasting work time? Wink

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I get on during Aiden's naps mostly. Sometimes I sneak on while BFing in the living room.

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I get on while I drink my coffee in the morning. Sometimes I check during my downtime in the lab (when I really should be doing something else ;)). I usually get on in the evenings after she's in bed as well. I'm sort of playing hooky right now because I had my annual this morning and I don't feel like going in to school.

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I do alot of NAKing too. Also, computer is my down time in the morning and after the kids are in bed.. I probably spend way to much time on it..

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NAKing and in the evening when they are asleep Smile

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Ookkkkkk.... what does NAK mean?? LOL Smile

I log on in the morning and it preg.org just sits open all day... so I pop on whenever I get the chance Blum 3

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I usually pop on for a few min in the morning while I'm feeding Luke his bottle. A lot of times I get on during my lunch break at work as well. Then, if I'm not totally exhausted, I will get on after the kids are both in bed. Or, if I'm off work, like today, I do like Stacy does and just have it open all day and kind of jump on whenever.

"Tanned Mommy" wrote:

Ookkkkkk.... what does NAK mean?? LOL Smile

NAK = Nursing At Keyboard

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RANDOM times...and yes, I have so much to do...and I am not doing it...Josie is helping me type...she won't let me put her down!

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Random moments all day. When she's playing on the floor next to me, or when she's napping.

I never could NAK, she's always been too squirmy and distractable for that. If I have her on my lap at the computer it's all I can do just to keep putting stuff out of her reach and taking stuff away that she's grabbed (keyboard, mouse, cords. . . etc.).

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NAK in the evenings or when she is playing on the floor next to me.

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Whenever my hectic life allows...work, cell phone time....i did get a new laptop upstairs so I have been checking more frequently on here.

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The only time I get to actually post is when it's nappy time, or bedtime. Otherwise I can lurk on my phone, laptop, or my TV (which is also pretty much a big computer)...but only for 2 or 3 minutes at a time.

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During the day only when all the kids are napping or I'm nursing the baby to sleep. Sometimes at night once the kids are in bed.

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NAKing , if he ever sleeps or often I have Ronin helping (usually have been nursing and he has finished but I havem't)